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On Thursday, Kathryn Dennis took to social media to thank everyone for watching Southern Charm. She also flaunted a diamond ring.

Could it be that, after her vicious custody battle, Kathryn had finally found new happiness with boyfriend Hunter Price?

Sadly, apparently not. 

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"Thank y’all so much for watching us this season," Kathryn wrote in her captions on Thursday.

She praised her fans, saying: "Y’all make it all worth it!"

"Stay gucci and stay tuned," the Southern Charm star concluded.

What caught the attention and hopes of her fans and followers was the photo itself, however.

Kathryn is seen wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger — and prominently displaying it.

Photo via Instagram

Naturally, many fans jumped to the understandably conclusion that Kathryn is engaged to Hunter Price.

The two have been dating for seven months.

Hunter is a Country music singer who rose to fame on America’s Got Talent.

He also happens to be a major hottie. After Thomas being a nightmare human being and twice her age, a lot of fans were rooting for them.

Instead, not only are they not engaged, but they’re no longer even dating.

The Hollywood Gossip

People reports that Kathryn and Hunter have broken up.

"Kathryn is not engaged to anyone but herself," an inside source revealed to the publication.

The insider’s phrasing is very affirming language — it’s good to hear that Kathryn is working on loving herself.

Then, the world learned that this breakup news managed to stay under wraps for a little while.

"She and Hunter actually split about two weeks ago," the source shared.

The Hollywood Gossip

It wasn’t so long ago that Kathryn was gushing over Hunter and calling him "my person."

So what went wrong for this couple? 

"Their relationship ran its course," the insider simply stated.

That could be a BS cover story, but you know what? That happens sometimes.

"Kathryn is doing well," the source assured fans. "And staying focused on the kids."

Kathryn is of course a devoted mother of two young children: 5-year-old Kensie and 3-year-old Saint.

The Hollywood Gossip

We know that the outcome of Kathryn’s custody battle with her disgraced ex Thomas Ravenel did not go ideally for either of them.

They share custody, but the court placed some restrictions upon both of them.

Either may drug-test the other at random, with any findings reported to family court.

Neither is permitted to drink while they have the kids. Probably for the best.

Additionally — and why we bring this up — both are forbidden from having "sleepovers" while they have custody, or even exposing a lover to their kids without the other’s consent.

It’s possible that these new orders took the wind out of Kathryn and Hunter’s sails, so to speak, and that their romance just fizzled out.

The Hollywood Gossip

Ultimately, however, we of course do not know what broke them up.

The explanation that the relationship "ran its course" may be vague, but it’s as good as any and may even be true.

Kathryn has never had any problems in the hookup department so we’re sure that she won’t want for a companion for long.

Good for her for balancing living her life while prioritizing her children.