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If you’re a Counting On fan, then you’re probably already aware that we’re in the middle of a full-blown Duggar baby boom.

No fewer than four Duggar couples are currently expecting, and Jessa Duggar just welcomed her third child in May.

The Huge Reveal

Of course, the bulk of the public’s attention is being paid to the couples who are expecting for the first time — couples like Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson.

Back in May, the Duggars announced that Lauren is pregnant.

The news was met with an even larger tidal wave of encouragement and enthusiasm than usual, owing to the fact that Swanson suffered a miscarriage in February.

So despite the fact that half his freakin’ family has a kid on the way Josiah and Lauren are very much in the spotlight right now.

Josiah Duggar with a Bump?

In fact, more than any other time since their wedding, the couple is at the center of fans’ attention.

And it looks as though they’re seeking to cash in on the opportunity.

Yes, Josiah and Lauren are now participating in one of the most controversial Duggar traditions by posting their baby registry online so that fans can buy them items from the list.

“Thank you for visiting our baby registry! We are so thankful and blessed for our sweet baby girl that’s on the way,” reads a greeting on the couple’s website.

Josiah Duggar and Wife Lauren

Most of the items are standard — such as diapers, baby monitors, and nursery decor, but there’s also an option to simply purchase Amazon gift cards for Josiah and Lauren.

As for the nursery, Josiah and Lauren are expecting a girl, but they’ve encouraged fans not to go overboard on pink baby furniture.

“As far as [the] nursery,” they wrote, “we are going with more of a gender neutral theme (black, white, wood).”

Not surprisingly, the reaction to fans has been less than ebullient:

Kisses for Each Other

“I may be wrong but TLC and their personal appearances [probably] pay them well,” wrote one visitor to the website.

“Donate to a charity in their name [instead].” 

The Duggars have been down this road before, such as when they took flak for posting Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s baby registry on several websites related to family news and events/

“Very, very uncool. … There are ways to circulate this info to the guests. This is a gift solicitation for the FANS," wrote one fan at the time.

Special Twosome

Many others echoed the sentiment, and the registry was eventually taken down.

We guess Josiah and Lauren didn’t learn from that debacle.

But hey, we guess it’s less shady than when Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar begged fans for cash, straight-out!

Maybe the Duggars are very slowly learning how to not seem so desperate!