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On this week’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Braunwyn got the full force of Tamra’s suspicions and high-pitched ire.

While they worked on their issues, Kelly Dodd is still grappling with that group sex rumor.

Emily had to deal with her husband’s cold indifference, but worst of all, Gina found out that there was a bench warrant for her arrest.

It turns out that Braunwyn Windham-Burke spoke to both Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek.

Both alums have been enemies of Tamra ever since they were involved in rumors about Eddie’s sexuality.

"I heard you contacted Lizzie and Gretchen to talk to them," Tamra accused Braunwyn, asking if she is a "troublemaker."

Now, the newcomer says that she’s no such thing — that it’s just a mutual friends situation.

However, Shannon brought up that Emily has screenshots of Braunwyn’s texts that prove that it’s a little more than that.

Braunwyn had tried to spin the situation as the other women having reached out to her, but Shannon blurts out: "We see the texts that you reached out to her."

"If you’re a f–king liar," Tamra exclaims. "I need to know!"

Tamra repeats the accusation that she’s a liar again and again, to the point where Kelly pleads with her castmates to be kinder.

Braunwyn was visibly tearing up under the verbal assault and even tried to apologize for misstating, but Tamra does not respond kindly.

After a while of badgering, she gets up and moves to the front of the bus to cry. Eventually, Tamra came to her senses and offered her some comfort.

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Braunwyn discussed the issue with her mother at dinner, admitting to Dr. Deb that she lies because she wants people to like her.

In a confessional, Braunwyn admits that her mother is the root of her need to be liked.

"Growing up, all I ever wanted was a mom that always put me first," she admits. "And I never had that."

"She was so focused on her own career and her own life," Braunwyn explains.

She concludes: "That there was a sense that no matter how much she loves me, she’ll always love herself more."

Yeah, that’ll mess you up. When she explained that to Tamra and Shannon, they were both understanding.

Speaking of dining with doctors, Kelly Dodd sat down with Dr. Brian.

In real life, Kelly and Brian broke up, but this of course was filmed earlier this year.

After dropping some wildly unsubtle engagement hints in his direction, Kelly speaks to him about the train rumor.

To refresh your memory and knowledge of sex terms, this was a rumor that Kelly had boned multiple dudes, one after the other in one sitting.

In truth, Kelly has never even had a threesome, which sounds unbelievable but she’s of an older generation and she’s spent a lot of her life married.

Dr. Brian offers up some sage advice to brush off the rumor with a joke instead of worrying over it.

Speaking of relationships that are probably on the brink of collapse, Emily Simpson tries to have a conversation with Shane.

Who knew that asking your spouse about how his day has gone could be so awkward and frustrating?

In the cringeworthy clip, we see Emily try to get him to open up to her, only to be stonewalled.

It’s like asking a moody teenager how their day at school was, only Shane is a fully grown adult — and hadn’t seen her for 10 days.

When Emily asks him how he feels, he replies "I feel ready for dinner." Not helpful. Not the time or the place.

Shane sits for a confessional and gets downright rude, admitting that he doesn’t miss his family while he’s away at work. Yikes, dude.

Gina Kirschenheitr Promo Pic

At the same time, Gina Kirschenheiter missed her court date for her DUI — but not because she doesn’t care.

"My attorney put in to postpone this arraignment date," Gina explains. "But he didn’t check to confirm that it actually was accepted."

"And it was denied," Gina tells the camera. "So as far as the court’s concerned, I just didn’t show up."

This is after Shannon had warned her that her attorney friend overheard that a judge had put out a bench warrant for Gina.

Thankfully, Shannon’s non-terrible attorney friend was able to get the bench warrant recalled at the last minute — averting Gina’s arrest by 3 hours.

Gina and Shannon then bonded over their miserable divorces and admitted how they had envied one another last season.