Hailey Baldwin: Haters Are Trying to RUIN My Marriage!

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Now that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are finally having a real wedding, their relationship seems to be locked into place.

But critics of the pair and of the Biebs in particular think that this pair was doomed to failure 

In a new interview, Hailey confesses that the haters get to her and how their nasty comments "mess with her head."

Hailey Baldwin for Vogue Australia

"I said that [marriage was hard] when we had first married," Hailey acknowledges while speaking to Vogue Australia.

"Look," she says. "Marriage is always going to be hard."

Hailey then expresses: "And I think good relationships are the relationships that you put the work into."

Sounds kind of exhausting, but whatever. What Hailey really wants to do is explain why she described marriage as a challenge.

"Specifically," she emphasizes. "I said that when there were a lot of new things."

Hugs for Biebs

You have to remember how very young Hailey is to understand why aspects of marriage came as a shock to her.

"I had never lived with someone before," Hailey explains.

"I never had to cohabit with somebody in that way," she clarifies.

"So," Hailey details. "I was learning how to share space with someone for the first time."

"We were trying to bend in each other’s direction," she adds. "And learn what was comfortable."

Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Her Tan Lines

What's more, of course, is that Hailey was doing all of this in front of "a zillion people who had a zillion opinions."

"Now it’s easier," she admits. "Because we’ve found a rhythm."

Once you learn each other's sleep schedules, temperature preferences, how long the other takes to waste time before they shower, it gets easier.

"We have more fun together," Hailey gushes. "Which is what should happen when you spend more time with someone you love."

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Black and White on Vacation

So what is the biggest lesson that she has learned from her marriage so far?

"Compromise," Hailey says.

"If you don’t want to compromise," she asserts. "You can’t be in a relationship."

I think that I just heard the sound of countless aromantic people cheering and patting themselves on the back.

(Compromise can be great over some things; other times it's just a way of making both of you equally miserable. Learn where to draw the line)

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

Hailey is well aware of what these zillions of opinion-havers think of her marriage.

But, she points out: "…Nobody from the outside really knows what's going on between us."

Hailey recalls: "I had hundreds of thousands of comments bombarding me with: 'He's never going to this,' 'you're never going to that,' 'you'll be divorced by then.'"

She admits: "You can't help but wonder: 'Does someone see something that I don't see?'"

Hailey even confesses that all of the hate can really mess with her mind.

"But the only two people in a relationship are the two people in it," she states.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Little Slice of Heaven

To be fair, predicting that Hailey's relationship is doomed isn't necessarily hateful.

All relationships are doomed. You either break up or one of you dies. Or, rarely, both of you die. Same result.

People who marry young, celebrities in marriages, people with histories of substance abuse and emotional instability ... these are all factors that point to a likely divorce.

Knowing this doesn't make you a hater.

Tweeting or commenting it at Hailey, however, does. She's not going to listen to you, no matter how well-intentioned you are.

Please be nice. Let her ride this train (and her husband) as far as it will take her.

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