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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is no stranger to taking shots at her castmates. It’s part of her job.

This time, however, her concern sounds … genuine.

She predicts that Emily Simpson’s marriage will fall victim to the "reality show curse." Is she right?

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Speaking to Us Weekly, Tamra Judge didn’t bat an eye when asked if Emily’s marriage to Shane Simpson will fall to the "reality TV curse."

"Probably," Tamra replied immediately. "Yeah, I think so."

She goes on to note that viewers will increasingly see what she means as they watch Season 14.

According to Tamra, Shane is "just not around."

It sounds like she is thoroughly unimpressed with her castmate’s spouse.

Tamra Judge Is Not Impressed

Viewers have already seen the tensions in the Simpson family.

In the episode that aired on August 13, Emily celebrated her 10-year wedding anniversary … alone.

And that wasn’t all.

Viewers also heard Shane snap irritably at his wife when she asked him a simple question — if he would be home to celebrate his own mother’s birthday.

No one should speak rudely to anyone, but especially not to one’s own spouse.

Emily Simpson

Tamra isn’t the only one who thinks that Emily’s marriage will — or at least should — end.

Her Instagram is filled to the brim with followers commenting on how she can do so, so much better.

"For all the pain he has caused you, you will be loved SO HARD by the RIGHT man," writes one encouraging follower.

The comment continues: "I am so sorry for the way that man treats you . You and your children deserve the world."

"You deserve better than that man," another fan comments.

Another keeps it simple: "Girl. Leave him."

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Some comments said the same, in much more esoteric ways.

"Emily…you are very bright, but I must suggest, with the utmost respect, that you know you are not meant to be with your husband," writes a fan.

The follower continues: "You MUST sense that you have long since outgrown him….your soul must know this truth."

"If you deny or cannot embrace this," the comment continues. "I pray that you seek the guidance of a seasoned therapist."

You are quite magnificent," the fan concludes. "And you are being hindered by a partner who cannot handle your power."

Who knew that Marianne Williamson was a RHOC fan?

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Obviously, the "reality TV curse" is not so much a genuine spiritual belief so much as it a phenomenon.

But it’s not unexplained.

See, couples have problems all of the time, but it can be easy to brush a brief argument or a bit of rudeness under the rug.

When you’re constantly being filmed, however, the realities of your life and your marriage become harder to ignore.

You notice what’s happening more, and the whole world sees it, too. People realize that they’re not right for each other.

In that context, however, is this really a curse? Some would consider it a blessing.

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We don’t actually know if Emily’s marriage is just going through a difficult time or if it’s gasping its final, unpleasant breaths.

It’s possible, of course, but we’d rather hear that from Emily.

Tamra isn’t necessarily the greatest judge of … well, anything.