Ashley Martson: Oh God, Is She REALLY Back With Jay Smith?

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As soon as the news broke that Jay Smith and Kayle O'Brien broke up, fans wondered if he might try to get back with Ashley.

He had a much better life with her than she had with him. And the rumors sounded plausible after they showed up at the same event.

Now, Ashley is telling 90 Day Fiance fans exactly what's really going on, and why she and Jay were "together."

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith in Happier Times

Over the weekend -- around the same time as Jay's split with his mistress-turned-girlfriend Kayla -- Jay and Ashley appeared at the same venue.

That's odd for exes, especially bitter ones. In fact, it may have been a violation of Ashley's protective order that is supposed to keep Jay at bay.

"Was it weird being at the same event with Jay?" one of her devoted followers asked on Instagram.

"It’s expected we both filmed the same show," Ashley replied, expressing a cavalier attitude.

Ashley continued: "I just do my thing and handle my business."

Ashley Martson Enjoys the Simple Life ... and a Ring

"Why are you and Jay acting like you didn’t hang out last night?" another, more confrontational and accusatory, follower asked.

"Where did you see me to know how I’m ‘acting’ about last nights appearance," Ashley clapped back.

"I have not responded about what I did or didn’t do at the event," she clarified.

Ashley continued: "Please don’t state I’m acting some type of way."

"…stop creating stories in your head!" she concluded. That's very good advice (unless you're a writer).

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

The venue in question, by the way, was an OK Magazine party.

Honestly, the magazine should have known better than to invite both exes. Fine normally, not fine when there's a domestic violence prevention order.

Another guest was Bachelor in Paradise's Christian Estrada, who is notably rumored to be dating Ashley.

The most exciting guest of the night was probably Tyler Cameron -- who did not have Gigi Hadid with him.

(We don't think that this means that their relationship is in trouble so much as that Gigi has no need to attend an OK Magazine party)

We're sure that it was a large enough crowd that Ashley and Jay could avoid rubbing elbows.

Ashley Martson Gazes Into the Distance

Early this summer, Ashley went on a much-needed family vacation. After months of stress, it was the perfect getaway.

Unfortunately, during her absence, Jay allegedly broke into her home -- months after separation -- and took things.

Given what Ashley says is a documented history of abuse during their relationship, police advised her to get a PFA.

On July 1, Ashley obtained that Protection From Abuse order from the court and Jay was barred from approaching her or discussing the order.

Unfortunately, just one day later, he broke the PFA, publicly discussing the order. Police saw it on Instagram.

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson in the Snow

Jay was at least wise enough to voluntarily surrender instead of forcing police to arrest him.

Because he is not a legal resident, Jay was placed in ICE custody.

He spent the majority of July behind bars and was miserable.

(As abhorrent as ICE's recent crimes against humanity may be, it's not easy to sympathize with a dude who deliberately broke a restraining order)

However, his boss at the tattoo shop wrote up a check and paid his bail once the court actually set bail for him. Jay was free.

Ashley Martson Holds Mock "Wedding" Bouquet

Honestly, after all of that, you would think that Jay would be more careful about the PFA order.

Ashley probably could have made Jay's life miserable this weekend, but clearly opted to do otherwise.

Jay's recent ex, Kayla, seems to think that Ashley is capricious and wants to lure Jay close to her so that she can call the police.

Of course, she has that impression of Ashley because her knowledge of Jay's ex-wife all comes through Jay.

Consider the source, folks.

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