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90 Day Fiance stars being unlucky in love is nothing new, but now, not even their rebounds are safe.

First, Larissa Lima broke up with Erickee. Now, Jay Smith and his sidepiece-turned-girlfriend Kayal have split.

Kayla is opening up about where they went wrong, and why she now fears for Jay’s stability.

Jay Smith Parties with Kayla O'Brien

Kayla O’Brien was there to pick up Jay when he emerged from ICE custody at the tail end of July.

Now, Kayle is opening up to RadarOnline on her relationship with the notorious cheater and how they have now broken up.

"We were happy," Kayla characterizes their relationship. "We always had a good time together."

Depending upon whom you ask, Kayla and Jay may have been together as far back as January.

"We didn’t fight," she claims. "We still acted like best friends."

Even when things were good, Kayla admits, she "always did way more for him" in the relationship.

Jay Smith with Kayla O'Brien

"Deep down, I think he is a good person, but he’s just lost,” Kayla suggests.

“He was just moving on his own motives," she describes. "And I had mine as well."

"We’re different people," she points out. "Who value different things."

It’s always so interesting to hear women making all kinds of excuses for men. Society conditions them to do so from a very young age.

Still, it’s clear that the general horniness wore off and she could see him clearly: "He’s a mess. I wish him peace."

Kayla O'Brien in a Crop Top

Over the weekend, Jay showed up at the same event as Ashley — who has a protective order preventing him from approaching her.

"God help him if he’s messing with Ashley again,” Kayla laments.

“All I can think of is all the hard work to reverse the damage," she worries.

"There’s a current PFA," Kayla points out. "If she turns on him again he’s so f–ked."

She’s at a loss, expressing: "I don’t know why he would put himself in that position… I feel sorry for him."

Jay Smith Dances with Kayla O'Brien

So, what was their relationship really like?

"He was loyal for a period," Kayla says.

"And good to me for a period," she adds.

"But," Kayla admits. "That’s all I want to say."

Wow. Sounds like a prince.

Jay Smith Embraces Kayla O'Brien

"I am proud of myself to have loved him and done what I did for him," Kayla claims.

“Regardless of if he appreciates it now or not," she insists. "He needed me and I will always be that person."

"Anyone I love will have unconditional love and support," Kayla asserts.

"And," she concludes. "He can’t take that from me."

That last line … implies a lot of unspoken misery. I do feel sorry for that girl.

In the mean time, Jay decided to post some thirst traps to Instagram now that he’s single again.

And who should comment but his also single former castmate, Larissa Lima?

As you can see in this screenshot by John Yates, she simply left a "fire" emoji under his post, but it was clearly enough to set of Ashley.

(For those of you wondering how Ashley knew like it’s some mystery, she has thousands of fans and one of them told her)

"Grab yourself an Evian and stop being so damn thirsty," Ashley demanded of her erstwhile castmate,.Ouch.

Is Ashley back with Jay? Our wishful thinking says that she’s just disgusted that anyone is being thirsty in his mentions.