Amy Duggar: Jim Bob Doesn't Own Me! I'll Get Naked Whenever I Want!

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If you're a Counting On fan, then you're probably aware that we're in the midst of a full-blown Duggar baby boom.

Of course, the expectant mom who's received the least attention from the more famous branch of the family is the so-called "rebel Duggar," cousin Amy.

Amy Duggar at 36 Weeks

(Yes, at this point the "rebel" label has been applied to several members of the clan, but Amy was the OG defiant one.)

In case you were unaware, Amy is pregnant with her first child, and she's clearly overjoyed.

She might not be receiving quite the same level of recognition as some of her baby bump-sporting cousins, but we're sure that's perfectly fine by Amy.

Rumors that the 32-year-old has been cut off by the rest of the clan have been disproven (despite reports to the contrary, several Duggar daughters attended Amy's baby shower), and she seems to be having a lot of fun sharing pregnancy updates with her devoted fan base.

Amy Duggar Is Pregnant

Earlier this week Amy posed for the final photoshoot of her pregnancy (she's due in October), and as you can see from the pic above, she got a little creative with the imagery.

"Each week the belly gets bigger, the wait gets shorter but the love grows so much stronger for you baby boy!" Amy captioned the photo.

"#milkbathphotography What a fun / relaxing photo shoot My skin was soo soft too... extra bonus!" she added.

Milk bath photos are fairly common among expectant moms, and you don't need a degree in semiotics to understand the symbolism.

Pregnant Duggars

In most cases, the subject of the photo is nude, but Amy chose to remain fully-clothed, which is obviously her prerogative.

But as with pretty much everything involving the Duggars, someone just had to complain in the comments section:

“Oh God… This isn't a real milk bath pic… You have to be naked but of course the Duggars would disown you if you did that,” one follower wrote.

Never one to shy away from a conflict, Amy was quick to clap back:

Any Duggar: Still Bumpin'

“I can do whatever I want, I am my own person. My last name is King last time I checked," she wrote.

"I didn't want to be naked. I love the classiness of this shot instead! I love how styled it!”

It seems to us that Amy made her stance pretty clear:

She chose not to pose nude, but that's not because of Jim Bob's influence, or because she shares the ultra-conservative views on sex

Amy Duggar Is a *Cool* Mom

She wore clothes for the pic simply because she felt like wearing clothes for the pic.

But as OK! magazine points out, one fan felt the need to further defend Amy by expanding on her comments:

“Just because Amy dresses a little different than her cousin’s doesn’t mean she wants to be naked for the Internet to see. My goodness,” the commenter wrote.

“Also she is a grown woman who makes her own decisions."

Amy Duggar, Baby Bump at 19 Weeks

The Duggar defender continued from there, writing:

"Everyone has there own beliefs in modesty. Even the Duggar girls dress how they want. Some wear pants and some wear dresses and skirts.

"They are all adults and should live as adults. They all have love for the Lord and that’s all that matter.”

We don't know if the girls and women of the Duggar clan have quite as much freedom as this person claims, but the important thing is that Amy does -- and she's taking full advantage of it.

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