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Tyler Cameron will reportedly not be the next Bachelor because he just starting dating someone pretty seriously, in full view of the public.

How exciting, right?!?

The dreams of Bachelorette viewers who watched Season 15 with drool on their chins and a glint in their eyes over the possibility of Tyler ending up with Hannah Brown have finally come true, no?!?

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Sadly, no.

Hannah did dump her chosen fiance on the Season 15 finale last Tuesday night, just two days after she and Jed Wyatt got engaged, because she learned that Wyatt had a girlfriend back home.

And she did then ask out Tyler, her runner-up, during the After the Final Rose studio special.

And he did accept on the spot and the two were spotted outside of Hannah’s residence late last week, having seemingly spent the night together and had relations of some kind.

Since then, however?

Ogling Tyler

Cameron has been spotted on two dates with model Gigi Hadid.

It’s safe to say this was a development Bachelorette fans did NOT see coming.

First, Cameron and Hadid spent some quality time together at the Soho House in Brooklyn.

And while some fans could maybe have shrugged that date off as a one-time thing… as Tyler maybe just dipping his toes into the pool of celebrity… now comes a follow-up story:

Cameron and Hadid went bowling last night.

“Tyler and Gigi were laughing together and she would touch his arm while she was laughing,” a source tells Us Weekly, noting that the Bachelorette season 15 runner-up had “his arm around her lower back.”

Tyler Cameron on the Finale

This same tabloid writes that it definitely looked like a "date," as Tyler and Gigi were joined by some of the latter’s friends and even sang karaoke in a private room at Frames Bowling Lounge in New York City.

“Tyler and Gigi looked flirty the entire night and they were clearly focused on one another,” the onlooker explains, adding that Cameron seemingly got along with Hadid’s entourage.

“The whole group looked like they were having a lot of fun.”

Well, crap.

Hannah, conversely, does not appear to be having fun in response to this burgeoning romance.

Asked about Cameron by Entertainment Tonight, Brown responds in the video below:

"I have feelings. But I’m also single. And he’s single. And I wanna keep my options open."

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It appeared, of course, as if Hannah and Tyler would end up together after Brown’s failed engagement to Wyatt.

That’s certainly what we thought and hoped and maybe what Hannah thought and hoped, too.

Now, instead, she’s being forced to answer questions about Cameron using his reality show fame to date a world famous supermodel.

“I’m not going to talk about Tyler or any of that stuff. Thank you, next,” the former Miss Alabama told Us Weekly, quoting an Ariana Grande lyric, when asked about the subject at the ABC All-Star Party yesterday.

“All the guys on my season, I wish them the best in life,” she added. “I wish them happiness.”

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Chris Harrison, for his part, just wants everyone to leave these two alone.

No proposals have been made. No diamond rings gifted. There’s no real news here, in the Bachelor host’s opinion.

“I mean, he’s young, he’s single. I think she’s young and single, so it sounds great to me,” he told Us Weekly about Tyler and Gigi, adding of Tyler and Hannah:

"What people also have to understand … Hannah and Tyler aren’t together. I think it’s a little rough on him because he said ‘yes’ to a date, and people are really shipping that hard."

Darn right we are.

Why can’t we have nice things, Chris?