Teen Mom OG: Ratings Continue to Plummet Despite Adding Mackenzie McKee to Cast!

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It's been a long and winding road, but she finally made it.

After years of being passed over for a promotion by the network that made her semi-famous, Mackenzie McKee is officially a member of the Teen Mom OG cast.

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But it looks like she may have shown up to the party a bit too late, as the show might not be long for this world.

According to new reports from Radar Online and TV By the Numbers, Mackenzie has thus far proven insufficient to the task of saving the sinking ship.

As we've reported in the past, Teen Mom OG ratings have been on the decline for quite some time.

Viewership took a serious nosedive when Farrah Abraham was fired from the show back in 2017, and despite producers' best efforts and some serious cast tinkering, they have yet to recover.

Farrah Freaks

It was hoped that McKee would do for the show what Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd were unable to accomplish.

But according to the latest figures on Mackenzie's debut episode, ratings are still inching in the wrong direction.

The show's June 10 season premiere brought in a respectable 990,000 viewers, but that number sank like a stone in the weeks that followed.

On June 17, the show pulled in just 868,000. The next week, that number dropped to 849,000.

Mackenzie McKee Looks Sad

By July 22 episode, the show was down to just 658,000 viewers, a series low.

Mackenzie's debut episode fared slightly better than that, pulling in 693,000 viewers.

But the show's numbers were still down from the week before, meaning the experiment was essentially a bust.

The news no doubt comes as a surprise to producers, who figured Mackenzie was a safe bet, as she's well-liked by fans and has no shortage of drama in her life.

Mackenzie McKee and Her Brave Mom

Mackenzie's mother is fighting cancer, and the family's strength in the face of adversity has gained them large followings on social media.

On top of all that, Mack's marriage has been beset by allegations of infidelity.

“Before we were married, we were unfaithful to each other and lied,” McKee told a friend in her debut.

“But when that happened we were fighting, nothing was rock solid. We are rock solid now. That’s why this hurts more than any time in the past. Is he 1 percent of who I think he is?”

Mackenzie McKee and Her Family

Naturally, Farrah is loving every second of the show's slow decline, as she predicted it when she was fired.

“No one is believing the fake storylines,” she said. 

“These other parents are super fans of the OG girls and have been fans, planned pregnancy is not what Teen Mom OG was about and now it’s okay to keep planning pregnancies to get on TV? Sad mainly for the children.”

As with any statement from Farrah, only about half of that makes any sense -- but she sort of has a point.

Developments like Amber Portwood's domestic violence arrest might make for good tabloid fodder, but as far as TV goes, it seems fans are simply over it.

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