Ronnie Magro: Off the Wagon & Feuding With Jen Harley Again?!

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Never have we more desperately wanted to raise our fists to the heavens and bellow the only two words that might bring an end to the madness:

"Rahn, Stahp!!!"

Jen Harley and Ron Ron

After several months of encouraging progress, it appears that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is back up to his old tricks.

Obviously, one of the more troubling habits to emerge in recent months is Ronnie's tendency to lock horns with his on-off girlfriend and baby mama, Jen Harley.

You probably recall some of the lowlights in the pitched battle these two call a relationship:

Jen dragged Ron with her car; she's been arrested multiple times for assaulting him; she once disappeared with their daughter for several days ...

Kiss for Ronnie

You get the idea.

We're not saying Ron is blameless in all this -- anyone who has witnessed one of his Ron-pages knows the man's temper is no joke -- but we are saying that Jen appears to be both the instigator and the escalator in most cases.

In the months since Ron and Jen attended Mike Sorrentino's wedding, however, it seemed that their situation had calmed down a bit.

But now it looks like these two have fallen back into their old habits in more ways than one.

On Monday night, Ron posted a message on Instagram that was very clearly targeted at Jen:

Ronnie on a Break

“Remember to always respect yourself enough to walk away from something, that makes you feel disrespected #HappyMonday #VMALive #Tonight,” he wrote.

Jen cryptically fired back, writing, “Your REAL Friends Don’t Entertain Your Enemies.. Read That Again! Bruh!”

A little context is necessary to understand exactly what was going on between these two.

Interestingly, they weren't even in the same place, at least for most of the night.

Jen Harley and Ronnie Together Again

Magro was attending the 2019 VMAs with a friend, and sources say his mood took a turn for the worse early in the evening, and he spent most of the night texting.

As Shore fans know, that's not a good sign.

Later that night, Ronnie was spotted ordering drinks with an unidentified male friend.

And the man was not sipping an N/A beer just for the taste.

Jen with Ronnie

"He was looking for shots," one onlooker tells Radar Online.

It's already a bad sign when a guy with a notorious temper is pounding hard liquor during a fight with his girlfriend.

But in Ron's case, the scene is particularly troubling.

As you may recall, Magro completed rehab back in February.

Jen Harley and Ronnie Magro

In early August, he celebrated six months of sobriety.

So not only is Ron back to feuding with Jen, he's apparently back on the bottle as well.

Ron credits Mike Sorrentino for helping him get sober, but unfortunately, The Sitch is still doing time on tax evasion charges.

Here's hoping Ronnie is able to get whatever kind of help he needs before it's too late.

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