Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo In Tribute to Kaitlynn Carter, Gives Brody Jenner Weed For His Birthday

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There are as many ways to express one's affection as there are human beings on the planet.

Some people like to make a grand gesture, while others are all about quiet quality time with their loved ones.

Miley and Kaitlynn

And then there's Miley Cyrus, who's love language will always be tattoos and weed.

As you're probably aware by now, Miley and Liam Hemsworth have called it quits after less than a year of marriage.

Less then 24 hours after the couple announced their separation, photos of Miley making out with Kaitlynn Carter surfaced online.

Carter is the ex-wife of Brody Jenner, and it's been rumored that there was some overlap between those three relationships.

But Miley and Kaitlynn both insist they were done with their dudes before they went wading in the lady pond.

Miley and Kaitlynn

When it was first reported that Miley and Kaitlynn are dating and not just hooking up, fans didn't believe it.

Surely, the new and improved Miley would take a little time to reflect and regroup after her separation and not just run from her pain by diving straight into another relationship, right?

Well, if that's what you thought, you may have been giving her a bit too much credit.

Not only are Miley and Kaitlynn romantically involved, it seems they're moving quite fast.

Miley, Kaitlynn, and Friends

Already, Kaitlynn has met Miley's mom, Trish Cyrus, who's said to be "confused" by the whole situation (we're with ya, Trish).

And earlier this week, Miley and Kaitlynn were spotted "basically having sex" at West Hollywood hot spot Soho House.

It seems that not only are Miley and Kaitlynn super into each other, they want the whole world to know it.

Which might be why the singer has already passed the next two Miley Cyrus relationship milestones (Mileystones, if you will) by getting a tattoo and purchasing a large amount of weed in honor of her new gal pal.

Miley Tatt

The tatt was revealed on Instagram this week by artist Dr. Woo, who posted the above photo along with the following caption:

"Cool old sculpture @mileycyrus found in Italy."

Miley and Kaitlyn recently returned from a trip to Lake Como, and it seems the new ink is a tribute to their Italian adventure.

Elsewhere on the 'Gram, Kait's ex Brody Jenner revealed that Cyrus and Carter helped him celebrate his 36th birthday with -- what else? -- a giant weed bouquet.

Miley Weed

"WEED like to wish you a Happy Birthday! Love you! Miley + Kaitlynn," the duo wrote on the accompanying card.

It's nice that Miley and Kaitlynn are both on such good terms with Brody, but many feel that the gift -- which they had to know he would make public -- is yet another way for the new couple to send a message to the world that they're serious.

Interestingly, both gestures occurred shortly after Hemsworth filed for divorce from Cyrus, a move that insiders say blindsided the singer.

If Miley is really serious about Kaitlynn, that's great, and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

But here's hoping she's not just using Carter as an escape from the pain of her marriage ending.

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