Meghan Markle: Is Harry Dragging Her to His Ex's Wedding?!

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Before he settled down with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry was considered by many to be the world's most eligible bachelor.

Our apologies to royal traditionalists, but at his peak, Harry put Leo DiCaprio and his infamous P-ssy Posse to shame.

Into the Woods

Locking down the Ginger Prince was such a common ambition among single ladies all over the globe that there was an ill-fated Joe Millionaire-esque reality show called I Want to Marry Harry, in which a group desperate women courted a Harry imposter thinking he was the real deal.

We dredge up that short-lived debacle not to remind you of how mean-spirited reality shows used to be, but to point out that in his pre-Meghan days, Harry was considered the top prize on the international dating scene.

And oh, how the British tabloids gobbled up every detail of his love life.

One of Harry's most scandalous romances was with a young socialite named Cressida Bonas.

It's the Parents-to-Be!

An old-monied model and socialite descended from King Charles II, Cressida seemed like a shoo-in as Harry's future bride.

But after dating from 2012 to 2014, the couple unexpectedly called it quits.

Apparently, the split was an amicable one, as the exes kept in touch, and Cressida even attended Harry and Meghan's wedding last year!

These days, Bonas is engaged to a real estate developer with the painfully British name of Harry Wentworth-Stanley.

Happy Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

From the moment the engagement was announced, royal watchers wondered if Harry would be invited -- and if Meghan would join him at the wedding.

Now, we have our answer, straight from Adam Helliker a member of the royal press pool with close ties to the Sussexes:

“Yes, Harry will definitely go, as he has remained on very friendly terms with Cressida, who has never said a word in public about her relationship with the prince," says Helliker.

"Harry is also very friendly with the bridegroom’s mother, Clare Milford Haven.”

Cressida Bonas on Instagram

“Invites haven’t gone out yet, but I’m told Harry and Meghan will be invited. Harry and Cressie are on good terms, Meghan has got to know her and they are expected to attend," says a separate insider.

Sources say there's no drama on Meghan's end, as she's actually on good terms with "Cressie."

Of course, that doesn't mean Meg is cool with all of Harry's exes.

“Meghan is known to feel less comfortable with his Harry’s former girlfriends, particularly Chelsy Davy, who was the prince’s first love and with whom he went out, on and off, for seven years," one source tells The Sun.

"It was Meghan who ensured that Chelsy was not included on the list for the evening party after their wedding," the insider continued.

Meghan Markle, Very Pregnant

"This was a very pointed snub when many of Harry and Chelsy’s mutual friends from pre-Meghan days were invited to the Frogmore House party.”


Oh, well. Meg is cool enough with one of Harry's exes that she's willing to attend the woman's wedding.

Guess you can't ask more than that.

There's likely to be an awkward moment or two, but at least Cressida's fiance is also named Harry, so she can't say the wrong name during her vows, a la Ross Geller.

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