Matt Roloff Needs to Befriend John David Duggar (For the Sake of His Grandson!)

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If a number of social media users have their way, two of the most popular programs on TLC may soon collide.

For the most unexpected of reasons.

This one is gonna take some explaining. Are you read to follow along? Here goes...

Matt Roloff Loves Being a Grandfather

By all accounts, Matt Roloff is an outstanding grandfather.

He's close to both little Ember Jean and young Jackson Kyle and he shared a message on Instagram at the outset of this month in regard to the latter.

The son of Zach and Tori Roloff, Jackson has the same type of dwarfism as his father and, as a result, sadly cannot do everything that an average-sized child can do.

A recent case in point?

"Remember when @toriroloff wrote a post about taking Jackson to the county fair and he didn’t meet the height requirements," Matt wrote back on August 1.

Grandpa and Jackson

Added the reality star at the time:

"so he had to watch the taller kids his age get to ride while he stood there and just watched... matters worse.. Jackson LOVES airplanes! Well now...

"Phase one is complete and bringing the project back to the farm to put into place. Ember has it right! It’s an airplane ... Shhh. Don’t tell Jackson yet.. but grandpa is making absolutely sure he can access every single part of this new play structure.

"No height requirements on grandpa’s watch!"

Matt later included this truly incredible photo of the wooden airplane he's constructing for his grandson:

wooden airplane

But Matt means business.

He wants this airplane to be realstic AF.

As a result, the Little People, Big World star penned the following caption alongside the image above:

Important call for help. If anyone out there in aviation land has ideas / or access to parts / accessories for airplanes.

Specifically Windows, cockpit panels, tires, wings, controls panels landing gear etc etc. or if you know someone connected in the aviation salvage business... please DM me.

We’re looking to fancy this special project up a bit.

It’s a stationary play structure for kids who love airplanes regardless of there heights ... most importantly need an instrument control panel with lots of gauges and switched and leavers.

Matt Roloff, Zach Roloff, and Jackson on the Beach

Our reaction to this message?

Jeepers, best grandpa ever!

The reaction of Matt's followers? Call up John David Duggar!

Having just announced his wife is pregnant by using a photograph of himself in an airplane, this member of this TLC family has an actual pilot's license.

Fans figure he'd totally be able to assist Matt with his incredible project.

Abbie and John David Announcement

“Reach out to John Duggar (pilot who owns a plane and member of 19 Kids and Counting)," wrote one individual on Matt's Instagram page, adding:

"They are a wonderful Family and might be able to supply you with some parts. Good Luck."

This sure would be an unexpected friendship, wouldn't it?

But also an awesome one. 

Who out there would not watch a spinoff that feature Matt and John David building replica airplanes for kids?!?

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