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Folks, Lisa Vanderpump is not backing down.

In fact, it seems the embattled reality star and animal rights activist is just digging in deeper as her never-ending war against her former co-stars rages on!

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Yes, Lisa may have quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but that doesn’t mean she’s done feuding with Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp.

In case you missed it, the ladies of RHOBH are involved in one of the nastiest beefs in Bravo history.

And while it all started over a dog, these days, Lisa and Kyle are attacking one another over everything from their finances to their capabilities as party hostesses.

Lisa stands accused of leaking a story about Lucy Lucy Apple Juice — the dog that Dorit Kemsley adopted from her Vanderpump Dogs organization and then gave away.

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That situation snowballed to the point that the ladies began citing other instances in which Lisa had behaved in a sanctimonious or judgmental fashion.

It all came to a head in late July, when Kyle Richards went off on Lisa in a 29-tweet tirade.

Not only did Lisa clap back at the time — she’s still going after Kyle in what she claims is an attempt to clear her good name.

And it seems her efforts are receiving plenty of support from fans.

Kyle Richards Gears Up for a Shouting Match

Earlier this week, a Twitter user tweeted, "#RHOBH season of lies and deception. They all need to go," apparently suggesting that Kyle and Teddi should be fired from the show.

Lisa promptly replied, "Exactly."

And those who know the restaurateur best say Lisa’s shade campaign won’t be letting up anytime soon.

“Lisa is disappointed over the accusations these women made against her. It’s hard for her to sit back and not say things on social media as she feels they still are taking digs at her,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“[Lisa’s] disenchanted with them and the situations they’ve created in general over all of this. It got very out of hand,” the insider continues.

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“Until they stop talking about her on social media, she has no intentions of stopping when she feels the need to speak up or defend herself.

The source adds that Lisa is completely over the show and has no intention of watching new episodes.

But she’s not done trying to set the record straight and defend her reputation:

"She just doesn’t sit around and talk about them or the show at all anymore," the insider says.

Lisa Vanderpump for Pride

"It’s not worth her energy as she’s trying to get to a better place after dealing with so much drama and turmoil this year.”

The source adds that Lisa has a lot on her plate these days and will not miss her castmates or the show the made her famous.

“Lisa is very busy with and excited about her fourth annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Fundraising Gala coming up this November, which has helped finance her Pet Rescue Center and saved the lives of thousands of dogs from the USA to China,” says the source.

She’s also still an executive producer and one of the stars of the wildly popular Vanderpump Rules.

Let’s face it, if the other Beverly Hills Housewives had spinoffs with their names in the title, they probably wouldn’t stick around for one another’s BS, either.