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It’s great to be able to lean on family in trying times.

That’s exactly what Joy-Anna Duggar is doing in the wake of her heartbreaking miscarriage.

This week Jana Duggar pulled a classic move to help Joy-Anna unwind and beat the blues.

Photo via Instagram

That’s right, it’s a Girls Day, Duggar sisters style. On Wednesday, Jana treated Joy-Anna to a salon session.

Joy was sure to post the outing on her Instagram. 

The 21-year old had taken a moment of social media silence after the miscarriage but she’s recently resurfaced, showing fans that she’s hanging in there.

Both of the girls look cheerful in Joy-Anna’s post.

The sisters are smiling for the camera and sitting back in big, squishy salon chair.

It would be hard not to feel perked up in a room so brightly lit and full of potted flowers.

"She took me to lunch, nails, coffee, & shopping!" Joy exclaimed in the caption for her post.

She included a few emoji to help illustrate the story of her day: a salad, nail polish, a coffee cup, and a shopping cart.

Joy was clearly grateful for the good time, and thanked Jana and Anna in her caption for helping to make it all happen.

"Thank you, @janamduggar for spoiling me today!" She captioned.

"And thank you @annaduggar for keeping Gideon!" She added.

One of the perks of a big, tight-knit family is the built-in daycare service.

Jessa, Jinger, Jana, Jill and Joy Duggar

Finally, Joy closed out her post with some hashtags: #greattimegreattalks, #iloveyou, #shespoilsme

These sure sound like the words of someone who had a wonderful day, and really needed it.

Joy’s fans and friends got the same impression, with many writing in to voice their love and support.

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth

"Aww, Joy," Jana wrote back, "You’re too kind."

"I love you so much!" she added, with a kissing and heart emoji.

It sounds like thing went really well with Anna back at home, too.

Austin and Joy

"Y’all need to do this more often!" Anna wrote in the comments.

"Gideon is the happiest little boy ever!" she exclaimed.

She added, "We had a great time with him!" along with some pink hearts.

Josiah Duggar with a Bump?

Another comment came from Lauren and Josiah Duggar’s joint account.

"Sister dates are the best!" they captioned. "So glad y’all got to do this!"

Josiah and Lauren have a better idea than most what Joy must be going through. 

The couple experienced a devastating miscarriage of their own last October.

Duggar, Jana and Joy

We’re so relieved to see Joy-Anna out on the town with loved ones.

We know she’s been handling the aftermath of her miscarriage about as well as anyone could hope.

Anyone would be depressed and heartbroken after losing a child.

Joy clearly finds a lot of strength from her devout faith, but she’s fortunate to have a great support network in her family too.