Beth Chapman: Priceless Mementos STOLEN by Heartless Thieves

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Sometimes, one tragedy follows another. Life can be so cruel.

In June, Beth Chapman passed away. Duane has been working overtime to cope with losing his wife.

Now, the Chapman family store has been robbed, and priceless mementos from Beth's life have been stolen. It's a sick world out there.

Beth Chapman, RIP

Brace yourselves for some truly devastating news.

Duane Chapman's family store in Edgewater, Colorado was burglarized and violently ransacked.

While the financial loss is upsetting, the true cost is so much worse.

Items belonging to the dearly departed Beth Chapman have been stolen -- and others were outright destroyed.

Damage to the shop was so noticeable that passersby saw it and alerted police.

Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman for Dog's Most Wanted

The Chapman family has released an official statement about this senseless, vicious tragedy.

"The official Dog and Beth merchandise store was robbed on Thursday," the statement begins.

"Not only did the thieves take thousands of dollars of clothing," the family points out.

The statement continues: "These criminals took priceless personal belongings of our beloved Beth."

Many things are now missing, "including tributes to her kindly left by our amazing fans."

Duane Chapman With Beth's Box of Ashes

As you can imagine, the Chapman family has no intention of letting this go.

"We are working with our friends in law enforcement to find these perpetrators," the statement emphasizes.

"And," the re offering a cash reward.

This financial incentive will be available "to anyone who provides information about their identity."

"To who ever did this," the Chapman family's statement warns. "You better watch out. Dog is coming for you."

Duane Chapman robbery suspects

Though the photos of the suspects are not exactly high quality, you never know when someone might be recognized.

Fans of Dog's Most Wanted and others interested are directed to contact Edgewater Police Department if they have information on the perpetrators.

In the mean time, Duane Chapman is still grieving his late wife and is reacting to this ... more or less as you might expect.

"The Bible says it is an unforgivable sin to steal from the dead," Duane, a devout Christian, points out in a tweet.


Duane Chapman offers cash reward tweet

So what exactly was stolen?

As the family mentioned, the thieves stole thousands of dollars in Dog The Bounty Hunter merchandise.

They also made off with family mementos, many of which are difficult if not impossible to assign a dollar value.

Perhaps worst of all, the burglars absconded with some of Beth’s personal bounty hunting gear.

Some things are already beyond recovery.

A priceless family heirloom -- a wooden elephant that had belonged to Beth's mother -- was broken by the fiends and left behind. Senseless.

Beth Chapman Tribute

Obviously, the loss of any and all physical objects cannot compare with the horror of losing Beth.

But those mementos have real sentimental value to an already grieving family.

We would love to believe that the perpetrators had no idea about Beth's recent passing or the current emotional state of the family.

That would not be an excuse, but it would be worth something.

In the mean time, our thoughts continue to be with the Chapman family as they grapple with losses big and small.

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