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Audrey Roloff is pregnant with her second child.

And this is what we know about the impending baby:

It is due on January 8, 2020 and both parents are very excited to meet him or her.

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This is what we don’t know, however:

Whether the little one will be a boy or a girl.

It could go either way, really.

We’ll soon find out the answer it seems, considering Audrey shared the photo above on her Instagram account and included with it a caption that reads:

Pretty soon we get to find out the gender of this precious little love growing inside of me, so…. before you find out here soon…. cast your vote in the comments!

Will baby #2 be a boy or girl?

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So there you have it, readers. Audrey just asked… so it’s time for The Hollywood Gossip staff to answer.

We posed this inquiry  to a handful of staff members and we’ve shared their responses below.


YES by Free Britney

Their baby will be either be born a boy or a girl, and Jer and Auj don’t seem like the types of people who will let Ember’s sibling choose its own gender.

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A Boy by Tyler Johnson

When you spend your days lurking in the most reality TV-obsessed corners of the Internet, you realize that not all baby bumps are created equal.

The self-appointed obstetricians who scrutinize the pregnancies of people like Audrey Roloff jump to all sorts of conclusions on the basis of a single selfie.

Apparently, there are boy bumps, girl bumps, twin bumps … you name it.

Show a photo of a pregnant woman to some Facebook rando, and they will tell you exactly what sort of child she’s expecting, down to its temperament and hair color.

As for myself, I claim no such delusional expertise.

And so, I’m gonna say that Audrey is carrying a boy, simply because her first child was a girl, and my understanding of the law of averages is piss poor, at best.

Hey, my reasoning might suck, but I still have a 50 percent chance of being right!

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A Girl by Simon Delott

Gender is a complicated social construct that has nothing to do with genes or genitals, but that’s not what we’re discussing here.

Generally speaking, a child’s sex is determined by chromosomal pairings — the most well-known of which are XX and XY.

(It’s actually way more complicated than that, I know but … probably not in a way that will impact the Roloffs.)

Some men produce more XX sperm, more XY sperm, or an equal balance of both — depending on which alleles they possess.

But until we see a detailed genetic analysis of Jeremy, we don’t know much; except that he and Audrey already have a daughter, Ember.

I’m going to go ahead and take a shot in the dark and say that they’re having another girl.

Why? Because Audrey and Jeremy once had the best hair in the entire extended family. (Now, it’s Audrey and Jacob, hands down. Errr, hair down.)

As we saw with Jeremy, there’s too great of a chance that a son might cut his hair short, defying his birthright of phenomenal locks.

A daughter is considerably less likely to do that, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that they have a baby girl.

The more good hair in the world, the better off the world is. I don’t care how silly that sounds — it’s true.

Also? They should name her Pumpkin. Pumpkin Corduroy.

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A Girl by Ally Lewber

While it would be super exciting to watch Audrey and Jeremy welcome their first son, for some reason I’m inclined to believe that this fam is going to be a girly one.

Maybe it’s Audrey’s gorgeous red princess hair or maybe it’s the fact that we’ve already seen Jeremy be the CUTEST dad to little Ember.

I mean, really, dads don’t get enough credit and there is nothing quite like the daughter-father bond.

Who else is going to pretend they’re not crying as they walk you down the aisle and then completely lose it hours later?? Simply put, daughters need their fathers.

After all, he is the first man in our lives — and, yes, he’s probably a little too overprotective.

But that is why I am seeing pink! And plenty of matching sister dresses in their future!

At Audrey and Jeremy’s 2017 gender reveal, the couple had its closest friends and family over to the Roloff Farm and lit the backyard up with pink flare smoke. It was honestly too cute and I’m just saying… pink suits them realllly well.

It’s not that I don’t think a boy would work for them; in fact, I think the family would be thrilled if they found out they were having a little guy.

And we’ve already seen just how cute Ember is with cousin Jackson, but I’m calling it: It’s going to be a sweet baby girl!

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A Girl by Jeff Page

I can’t say for sure, but something tells me Audrey and Jeremy are expecting another little girl.

Remember how elated the couple looked to be upon sharing the news at their first gender reveal, as mentioned by my astute colleague above?

They went all out with those crazy smoke sticks and turned their whole yard pink!

Something about Audrey’s vibe feels more subdued this time. She seems super content, but calmer, as though she’s already been through this.

And of course, she has been. Boy or girl, this time around won’t be as fresh an experience for Audrey.

My guess is, if she knew she were having a baby boy, it would put a fresh twist on this whole pregnancy thing for her, and I’m just not seeing that yet.

All this said, I’m rooting for a boy! It would be great for Ember to have a little brother.

Audrey and Jeremy have one girl, and we just learned Zach and Tori are having a little girl as well. Let’s change it up and throw another Roloff boy in the mix!

But I think whether the kid’s a boy or a girl, they’ll be really lucky to have Audrey and Jeremy for parents.

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Who the Eff Cares by Hilton Hater

Do you know what fans will say if Audrey and Jeremy learn they’re having a son?


Do you know what fans will say if Audrey and Jeremy learn they’re having a second daughter?


And do you know what Jeremy and Audrey will say when the subject of their next child’s sex comes up?

"We just want a healthy baby and feel blessed no matter what."

To be clear, they’ll mean it, as all parents do when giving the same basic answer in regard to preferring a son or a daughter.

I’m not mocking this sentiment, I’m mocking the huge deal so often made about whether a couple is set to welcome a boy or girl. 

Why? Because there are only two options! And everyone will be excited either way! It’s the most anticlimactic announcement possible.

Anyway, rant over.

To actually answer the question, Audrey is pregnant with a baby boy.