Zach Roloff Shares Precious Pic with Jackson AND Ember Jean!!

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Seeing photos of precious baby Jackson is always a treat. So is seeing pictures of his little cousin, sweet Ember Jean.

As the Little People, Big World stars look forward to 2018, Zach Roloff has been posting sweet photos.

Including one of him with both babies, showing off his pride as a father and an uncle in the sweeted Roloff picture that we've seen.

Zach Roloff & Jackson Roloff Watch Soccer

This photo of proud father Zach Roloff with his son, adorable baby Jackson Roloff, is a treasure.

In the photo's caption, Zach says that the two of them are watching soccer together. Cute!

(As I'm sure you remember, Zach Roloff was enthusiastic about sports as a child, and went into coaching as an adult, so this father-son activity is near and dear to his heart)

But Zach also shared a new photo, and this time, he and Jackson have a very special guest:

Zach Roloff, Jackson Roloff, & Ember Jean

Awwww, look at them!

Zach captioned the photo:

"Cousin Ember hanging out with her Cousin Jackson and Uncle Zach."

Both babies have spent so much time together that they're no strangers to it.

But getting to see Zach in his role as proud father and proud uncle at the same time? That's a rare and special photo.

Jackson on Christmas

We imagine that part of what may have encouraged the picture was that a number of followers and fans (errantly) assumed that another photo had shown Jackson and Ember side-by-side.

Now, there are a few photos of the two baby cousins together.

But a number of followers commented, some sounding confused, that "Ember" had blonde hair. She didn't. It was a different baby.

Folks, the Roloffs do have friends and acquaintances who aren't each other. That's part of being a person.

We wonder if that got Zach thinking that he should post a new photo of the Roloff cousins -- and himself, as a bonus.

Zach in the Snow

Fans were thrilled to see the photo of Zach with the pair of baby cousins, and they added the comments to show it:

"Aww cute cousins!"

The cutest of cousins, in fact.

"Such a cute picture. Just think, [next] Christmas Zach will be chasing them around and you'll be trying to catch action Jackson for a quick"

Honestly, calling a 7-month-old "action Jackson" seems a little premature, but we like the sentiment.

"Zack you look so happy there with your beautiful niece and your handsome son Jackson they are getting so big!"

He does look happy!

"Good luck to you young man many years I've seen you all on tv and God bless you and all your family in this world."

Roloffs on Xmas Eve

Other fans commented on how naturally Zach has "taken to" the babies.

Of course, another "fan" commented about Zach's sex life. We're sure that the suggestion came with the best of intentions, but ... boundaries, dude.

Some fans believe that family black sheep Jacob Roloff may be expecting his own child. If so, Zach will be a double-uncle (okay, still just an uncle) and the photo opportunities will get even better.

Though, as one of those commenters warned, these babies aren't going to be sitting still for long.

We need to enjoy these pics while they're still easy to take.

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