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Over the weekend, the British Royal Family shared photos from baby Archie’s christening.

It was a small and very formal ceremony, but one family member in particular was conspicuously absent.

Meghan Markle’s awful dad was not invited, but he’s still speaking out about how much he’d have liked to go.

Thomas Markle on Good Morning Britain Again
Photo via BBC

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Thomas Markle opened up about whether he’d have attended his grandson’s christening.

"I have been asked if I would have liked to have gone to Britain to see my new grandson being christened," Thomas noted.

He then furnishes anyone interested with elements of his own backstory.

"I was an altar boy at age 12," he recalls. "A confirmed member of the Queen’s church at age 14."

"And," Thomas reminds the world. "Archie is my new grandson."

Congrats to Archie Mountbatten-Windsor
Photo via Instagram

Thomas continues, explaining that there’s no question as to whether he’d have liked to have attended the ceremony.

"Of course I would have enjoyed being there for the blessing," Thomas affirms.

He was, of course, not invited, for the same reason that he has missed so many family events.

Thomas has not handled fame well — he speaks to the press and when he does so, he speaks impulsively.

Even so, Thomas concludes by stating that he is "wishing Archie and his parents’ health and happiness."

The Royal Gang is All Here
Photo via Instagram

Stunning photographs from the christening were shared on social media.

"This morning, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was christened," the caption began.

The caption detailed: "in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle at an intimate service officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby."

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are so happy to share the joy of this day with members of the public," the caption praised.

The caption noted: "who have been incredibly supportive since the birth of their son."

Archie Harrison
Photo via Getty

"They thank you for your kindness," the post expressed. "In welcoming their first born and celebrating this special moment."

"Their Royal Highnesses feel fortunate to have enjoyed this day with family and the godparents of Archie," the caption continued.

"Their son, Archie, was baptised wearing the handmade replica of the royal christening gown," the post revealed.

This was a particular gown "which has been worn by royal infants for the last 11 years."

Harry and Meghan and Archie
Photo via Getty

"The original Royal Christening Robe, made of fine Honiton lace lined with white satin, was commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1841," the caption added.

"And," the post continued, that gown was "first worn by her eldest daughter."

"It was subsequently worn for generations of Royal christenings, including The Queen, her children and her grandchildren," the caption explains.

This went on "until 2004, when The Queen commissioned this handmade replica."

The post concludes by explaining that the Queen did this "in order for the fragile historic outfit to be preserved, and for the tradition to continue."

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor
Photo via Getty

Thomas would have enjoyed attending the ceremony, and we don’t doubt that, under other circumstances, he would have been welcome.

But he has spent too long blabbing to any tabloid that will take the time to listen to him.

His words are of interest, so the tabloids are not to blame for publishing his interviews.

It is Thomas’ responsibility to keep quiet and prove that he can be trusted.

Since he refuses to do that, Meghan has had no choice but to cut off contact.

It’s a real shame.