Kim Kardashian Shares Precious Snap of 2-Month-Old Psalm West

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Kim Kardashian really made us all wait until June to see Psalm West's precious baby face.

Now that he is two months old, Kim has graced fans with yet another photo.

This time, a bit of this wee one's budding personality is shining through. Take a look:

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace

Baby Psalm West is now two months old!

The little cutie is the youngest of four, but the amount that a baby can change in one month is nothing short of dramatic.

In this photo, he lays on his back on mutet lavender sheets and smiles adorably for the camera.

Kim shared the precious baby pic to Instagram.

Kim included a very proud caption: "I meannnnn my baby Psalm is so sweet!!!"

Psalm West, 2 Months Old

Kim isn't the only member of the Kardashian family who is cooing over this precious little baby.

Kendall, the only adult member of the family who has not had kids, praised: "What it do babbbyyyyyy."

Khloe, a mother herself, offered up her characterization of cute little Psalm's appearance.

"Little tiny goose bunny," Khloe wrote in the comments.

Model Winnie Harlow also chimed in about Psalm's appearance, commenting: "Looking Just like a tanned Chi."

Psalm West Picture

Since Kim first shared that snap of Psalm in June, fans have been pointing out his resemblance to Chicago.

That makes sense. Full siblings tend to resemble each other -- especially as babies.

Having only been born via gestational carrier in early May, Psalm hasn't had time to develop a lot of distinct features yet.

But he has no shortage of cuteness to offer to his mom or to the camera.

Fans are delighted to Kim is sharing glimpses of baby #4 as he grows up.

Psalm West

Right after Psalm was born, Kim was already admitting how much he looked like Chicago.

"He’s also Chicago’s twin," Kim tweeted.

She acknowledged at the time: "lol I’m sure he will change a lot."

"But," Kim expressed. "Now he looks just like her."

Well, they are siblings -- and Kim and Kanye's youngest children, to boot.

Kim and 2 Kids

As a choice as the name for a human being, "Psalm" raised some eyebrows.

It means "song" in Hebrew, but it is a very unusual choice -- even for Kimye's famously creative baby names.

"The inspiration was the Book of Psalms in the Bible," Kris expressed shortly after the birth of her latest grandbaby.

"I think it’s just a wonderful way to celebrate how they feel," the momager gushed.

"And he’s such a blessing," Kris noted. "So it’s perfect."

This is a great time to remember that Kris is now grandmomager to grandchildren in the double digits. She has a lot of sources of family pride.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and an Elephant

A lot of people enjoy waiting and guessing at what Kim and Kanye's next baby name will be. It looks like those days are over.

Kim had to use a gestational carrier -- colloquially referred to as a surrogate -- in order to bring Chicago and Psalm into the world.

Her own pregnancy complications made the idea of another childbirth way too risky.

Her use of a third party to give birth to her two youngest has been controversial.

Some people believe that pregnancy, because it forever changes your body, should be treated like organ donation -- never allowed for profit.

Others believe that most kinds of work can change your body over time, if less drastically, and that people who need the money and who qualify should go for it.

Regardless of people's personal stances, however, everyone is just over the moon about Chicago and Psalm. As they should be.

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