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Brielle Biermann may be only 22 years old, but she has the may I speak to the manager voice down pat.

Just a few months after her last sizzling vacation, Brielle and her family were boarding a flight back to Atlanta.

But when the flight attendant allegedly booted the entire group from the flight, Brielle went off on social media. Take a look:

Brielle Biermann and Her Famous Lips

On Saturday, July 20, Brielle took to Twitter to unload on what sounds like a major injustice.

"If I f–king miss my flight home i swear to God," Brielle vowed.

That certainly sets the tone — even before she starts naming the employee whom she says wronged her and her siblings.

"Tommy at gate 27 delta LAX just kicked my WHOLE FAMILY OFF the flight to ATL," Brielle accused.

As you know, the Zolciak-Biermann family is a large one. This sounds like a real mess.

Brielle Biermann: A Selfie

So why did this happen?

Brielle ttweeted that it was "bc we were waiting on my dad with our service dog to finish going thru security."

They had boarded already, but when traveling with young children, that can be complicated.

She continued: "& kJ & kash started crying bc they thought we left him."

"And Kaia was literally S—-ING AND HE KICKED US OFF!!!!!" Brielle alleged. "WTF?!"

Brielle has since deleted the tweet, but we have preserved a screenshot of it here.

So, to translate, it looks like Kroy Biermann was doing the necessary paperwork to bring their emotional support dog on the plane with them.

Temporarily bereft of said emotional support, 8-year-old KJ and 6-year-old Kash were in a state of panic and distress.

(Flying can be scary enough for adults, let alone children!)

5-year-old Kaia was apparently having a bathroom incident (not sure that she’ll love Brielle broadcasting that to the world).

And according to Brielle, Delta’s response to the family’s distress was to order them off of the plane.

Kim Zolciak quote-tweeted Brielle’s tweet, adding some commentary of her own.

"Unacceptable @delta," Kim admonished the airline.

"But," she warned. "Police are now involved."

The capacity of law enforcement to deal with an issue like that remains unclear.

However, on Sunday July 1, Brielle provided an update on Twitter with some very good news.

"GUESS WHAT," she asked her legions of fans and followers. "I’M LEAVIGGGG FINALLLYYY!!!!!!!!"

Brielle Biermann Dresses

Delta released a statement in response to Brielle and Kim’s furious tweets.

"Mrs. Zolciak-Biermann and family elected to board their flight," Delta begins.

The statement continues: "while her husband remained behind."

Delta notes that Kroy did so "to provide proper paperwork for an emotional support animal."

Curiously, the statement does not extend beyond that or offer any explanation for conflict.

Perhaps the airline is conducting its own internal investigation before they accept or deflect blame in an official capacity.

Brielle Biermann Bikini Picture

The Biermann family is very closely knit with each other.

Though they go on vacations about as often as you would expect for a family of rich celebrities, flying is a big deal to children.

We’re so sorry about whatever it was that went down over the weekend.

Everyone deserves the chance to return home among family and surrounded by as much comfort as is reasonable.