Brielle Biermann Flaunts Bikini Butt, Gets DRAGGED by Body-Shamers

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Even though Brielle Biermann laments that she was once "ugly," these days, she feels much more confident about her incredible body.

In a new photo, she is showing off her bikini booty as she enjoys tropical weather at the beach.

But now she's being slammed and shamed by her own fans.

Brielle Biermann Up Close

Brielle took to Instagram to share a breathtaking snap.

As you can see in the photo below, she is enjoying sunny blue waters in a matching bikini.

Featured front and center is Brielle's unstoppable butt, barely concealed by her swimsuit bottoms.

She knows that every eye is on her posterior, so she hangs a proverbial lantern on it in her captions.

"Sunny & 75," Brielle writes. "And y’all still have a better view than i do."

Brielle Biermann Flaunts Her Beach Booty on Instagram


Brielle has taken a number of booty pics over the years, including quite a few in barely-there bikinis.

While a number of followers have taken aim at her face in recent years, her badonkadonk is still the target of a great deal of admiration.

Well-deserved admiration.

Brielle could not contain her pride at the photo, appearing in her own comments to toot her own horn.

"I DIDNT EVEN FACETUNe i was SO PROUD OF MYSELF," Brielle announced with glee.

Brielle Biermann Bikini Picture

As happy as many of her fans were to see her embracing her body and living her best life, others simply had to ruin her day.

"Nice family vacation photo," writes one commenter. "Who took it Kroy?"

We do not care for the implication behind that intended burn.

"These pics of her [are] just [too] much," declares another. "Get some class."

"Idk Brielle," another comment reads. "I sorta feel like [you're] just a thirst trap now."

Wait, is that a bad thing, now?

Brielle Biermann's Butt in a Bikini

"Isn't this picture from a 2017 photoshoot?" asks a commenter who is clearly floating a conspiracy theory.

More simply and succinctly, another accuses: "ur butt is small."

"Is anything private anymore," laments another, who clearly feels scandalized by the exposed buttocks.

"GIRL," declares another. "You wish lol show us the unedited versions."

Clearly, that commenter does not believe that Brielle is giving it to her fans raw.

Brielle Biermann Bikini Photo

Fortunately, not quite everyone on the internet is a total monster -- not even in the comments sections.

Some people had genuinely nice things to say.

"You’re beautiful," affirms one fan. "I wana put my booty on insta but I’m scared because I’m from a small town and have a kid."

Perhaps Brielle's bikini butt will help empower this woman to live her best life.

"New screen saver," overshares another follower.

"Are you taking applications for sunscreen applicators?" asks one thirsty, thirsty fan. "Holler at your boy."

"Please do an IGTV or a youtube channel," implores another. "Telling us how you stay in shape and how to get that booty ahhhh body goals"

Brielle Biermann Bikini Belfie

Brielle's family is known for encouraging each other -- whether or not the encouragement is warranted.

This time, it was her 17-year-old sister, Ariana Biermann, who piped up.

"THICCC," Ariana commented under Brielle's photo.

That is high praise indeed.

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