Wendy Williams: Kevin Hunter Made Me Feel Like a Caged Animal!

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Even though Wendy Williams' new lover is an ex-con, she's happy to be out of her old marriage to Kevin Hunter.

In fact, she says that Kevin made her feel like a "show pony," carefully controlled and never let out of his sight.

But Kevin is htiting back at that, claiming that Wendy stayed at home a lot because she's just lazy.


On Wednesday, Wendy Williams gave a terse statement to TMZ about her new romance and her life after Kevin Hunter.

"Look, my husband had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years," Wendy pointed out.

She stated that, in contrast: "where I was cooped up only to be a show pony" during her marriage.

"Now," Wendy proclaimed. "I'm living my life."

She also made it clear that she did not want to hear people's criticisms of her choice in a boy toy.

"I am a 54-year-old grown ass woman," Wendy told TMZ. "I know what I'm doing."

THE Wendy Williams

TMZ spoke with source sympathetic to Kevin Hunter, who claim that Wendy is wildly mischaracterizing their marriage.

The way that Kevin sees it, Wendy was the one who set her own schedule.

He says that it was totally of her own volition that she eschewed red carpet appearances.

Going to work and then coming directly home to stay around the house? Kevin insists that that was all Wendy.

It sounds like Kevin is characterizing Wendy as "lazy," of simply preferring an idle life after work.

Wendy Williams Set Pic

After this conversation, TMZ touched base with a source close to Wendy, who is doubling down on Wendy's statement.

According to the insider, Kevin was "extremely controlling and sneaky" of and around Wendy during their marriage.

The source then goes on to warn that "nothing he says is the truth."

Apparently, Wendy placed enough confidence and trust in Kevin to let him make the important business decisions.

That would mean that Kevin handled her career for 22 years.

Hot Topic Time!

Now, one good thing came out of this post-marital dispute.

Sources say that Kevin Hunter isn't harboring any ill will over Wendy's new boy toy.

In fact, he apparently wants her to enjoy herself.

(Maybe that's his true feeling, and maybe that's just what he wants people to believe -- it's unclear)

Wendy Williams All Smiles

That said, Kevin apparently has real reservations about Wendy's remark that he cheated on her for 15 years.

It's not that he's denying the cheating or the baby-having.

Instead, he takes issue with her timeline.

See, Kevin didn't meet his mistress until 2008.

So ... 11 years of cheating. Which is, technically, better than 15 years of cheating.

You need to pick your battles, not nitpick your battles. Not when you're in the worng.

Wendy Williams Flaunts New Boy Toy

Early Monday morning, Wendy went public with her new relationship with a much younger man.

Her current boyfriend is a guy named Marc Tomblin. 

And unfortunately, he has a criminal record.

Back in 2013, Marc pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

This court in Charlotte, NC sentenced him to 15-30 months.

But Wendy says that she knows about his history and is not concerned.

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