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The current season of Teen Mom OG has seen Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra facing some daunting obstacles together.

Things pick up right after Tyler and Catelynn’s trial separation, which has clearly taken quite an emotional toll on each of them.

Celebrating Nova
Photo via Instagram

And it often seems as though their kids felt the impact as well.

Even children who aren’t old enough to understand the significance of their parents living apart are likely to intuit that something is amiss.

Of course, sometimes kids just act out for no real reason at all.

Frankly, we have no idea why Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter Nova threw a tantrum on Monday night’s episode of TMOG.

Nova Baltierra, Big Sister
Photo via Courtesy Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

But a lot of fans believe they know exactly what caused the 4-year-old to blow her top.

Apparently, the consensus online was that Nova had been driven to the breaking point by her parents’ strained marriage.

Now, most of the time when a child that age gets cranky it’s the result of some immediate stimulus.

However, TMOG viewers who never met the kid believe she’s been gradually worn down by months of stress.

Tyler with Nova and Vaeda
Photo via Courtesy Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Thankfully, Tyler took to Twitter to call that theory out as the nonsense that it is:

"Wait…so a kid throws a fit nowadays & we’re calling it ‘abandonment anxiety issues’!?" he tweeted.

"I must have not received that memo, but thank you to all of the social media child therapists for this new diagnosis. Hahaha!:"

It’s possible that Tyler is minimizing the stress his daughter has experienced over the past few months.

Tyler Baltierra and Nova
Photo via MTV

But he also knows the kid better than anyone except for Catelynn, so we’re gonna go ahead and trust him over a bunch of Twitter randos.

And it’s not as though mental health is something that the Baltierras take lightly.

Catelynn has been to rehab for emotional issues several times in the past two years, and she recently opened up about her progress and the effect of the trial separation.

"I grew a lot more independent during our separation, so now that we’re back together, I don’t want Tyler to feel like he’s my caretakers again," she said on Monday’s episode.

Catelynn and Tyler with Vaeda
Photo via Courtesy Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

"I don’t want Tyler to feel like he’s walking on eggshells around me again, because I’m stronger than I was before the separation. so I want to communicate openly so resentment doesn’t build up," Lowell added.

Many fans figured Tyler and Cate’s separation was a prelude to a divorce.

But remarkably, it seems Baltierra and Lowell have both changed for the better as a result of some time apart.

Catelynn, in particular, seems to have developed a better sense of the dangers of defining one’s self solely through one’s relationship:

Catelynn on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

"If he ends up wanting to divorce me, I guess, whatever, I’ll be sad, but I don’t f—king need you," she told Tyler.

"I could do this on my own. If you were to leave, I could be a mom — I could be a badass mom and not even give a s–t."

On social media, Lowell encouraged fans to look after their own mental health, writing:

"Don’t be ashamed, talk to somebody, and find a therapist you like, even if you have to go through three.

"You can get through it and change as long as you are willing to put in the work. Remember that your past does not define you."

Now, that’s a message that people who like to psychoanalyze reality stars’ children could probably benefit from hearing.