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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have spoken positively about their trial separation, making fans wonder if they plan to take it further with a divorce.

But Catelynn says that this isn’t the case.

She says that spending that time apart from Tyler actually made their marriage so much stronger.

Catelynn and Tyler: SELFIE!
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Catelynn opened up to E! News about her marriage to Tyler Baltierra.

"Our relationship," Catelynn says. "I feel like we’re always strong."

She elaborates, adding: "I think that we just go through bumps"

"And," Catelynn assesses. "It makes you stronger as a couple too."

"But yeah," she continues, these days "we’re in a really good place."

The Baltierras' Wedding Day
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"Him and I," Catelynn says. "When we went through that trial separation period or whatever."

She explains that "we worked a lot on ourselves as individuals."

When you’re a couple from such a profoundly young age, you sometimes skip important steps of self-discovery.

"But also," Catelynn adds, they worked a lot on "ourselves as a couple."

"I learned a lot of things for myself," she reveals. "During that period of time in my life."

Catelynn and Tyler with Vaeda
Photo via Courtesy Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

"I think the biggest misconception people had about the trial separation," Catelynn begns.

She continues: "was that like, ‘Oh my God, since you’re gonna live separate and do this then you’re automatically going to get a divorce.’"

Contrary to popular belief, many separations are followed by reconciliations..

Not all separations are even intended as stepping stones to divorce.

Catelynn adds another assumption that fans make: "’or you’re automatically gonna wanna see other people.’"

"And," she clarifies. "It wasn’t even like that."

We're Gonna Separate
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Catelynn thinks that some of the drama within the Teen Mom fandom about her marriage arose from a simple misunderstanding.

As she explains, people got hung up on her terminology and jumped to conclusions.

"I feel like when we said the word ‘separation,’" Catelynn says. "People blew it out of proportion of what it really was."

She clarifies: "It wasn’t as severe as how people were thinking it was."

Wel that is certainly a relief for the fans who have followed this couple for a whole decade.

Catelynn Lowell: Teen Mom Fans Convinced Her New Baby Isn't Tyler's ... Here's Why
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Tyler and Catelynn took time apart in order to process their feelings in order to be at their best moving forward.

During that time, they were both able to work on their mental and emotional health — something very important to them both.

Perhaps if they had just said that, instead of using the S-word with fans, there would have been less concern.

Actually, who are we kidding?

If you see a husband and wife living in different houses, you’re gonna jump to conclusions even if they don’t say anything at all.

For public figures like these two, it’s hard to imagine how they could have played this without arousing the suspicions of fans.

Tyler and Catelynn have certainly had their ups and downs during their marriage.

But we think that they’ve made a lot of major strides towards becoming better people.

And yes, that has absolutely made them stronger as a couple.

If a brief separation helped them reach that goal so that they can be closer as spouses and better parents, more power to them.

Even if it made some fans think that they don’t really care about each other.