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Little People, Big World?

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Tori Roloff has been keeping Instagram followers well apprised of her pregnancy ever since announcing it to the world — and her latest update makes it clear that her and husband Zach’s second child is really anxious to get here.

In other words:

Roloff is growing bigger and bigger by the day!

We mean no offense by this statement at all, of course. We’re basically just paraphrasing what Tori wrote as a caption to a couple new social media photos.

"How are you so big already baby girl?!" Tori wrote along with the following photo, emphasizing once again that ths started showing far earlier this time around than she did back when she had Jackson growing inside of her.

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Tori first posted a picture of her baby bump back in early June, posing in a very cute manner while presenting her ever-changing body to the world.

Check out that memorable snapshot HERE.

At this point, however, you can tell that Tori is simply over it.

She’s not trying to look especially put together or stylish or anything like that.

She’s simply keeping it real by poinsting her phone at the mirror and clicking away.

"I got things a size up to fit the growing up!" Tori penned as an affiliated message to the next photo.

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Just as she did during her first pregnancy, Tori has been very open with followers when it comes to what she’s going through now and what she thinks may happen down the line.

Asked, for example, whether this second child will be a dwarf, Tori recently replied "50/50."

She and Zach learned close to the end of that initial pregnancy that their son would, indeed, be a dwarf; just like his dad and his grandparents.

As for how she’s feeling at the moment?

She revealed a short while ago that this second go-around has been “a lot harder. But still easy. If that makes sense…

"I had no symptoms with J other than egg aversions. I’ve got all the symptoms this time.”

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The Roloffs broke their exciting baby news to fans on May 13.

They confirmed both the gender and the general due date at the time as well, saying to Us Weekly:

"We are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother! We can not wait to meet our sweet baby girl!"

This precious addition to the Roloff family is due in November.

We can’t wait to meet her!