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Over the weekend, Beth Chapman was hospitalized once again during her ongoing cancer battle.

This time, she is in a coma. Her husband is asking fans for prayers. Things are looking especially grim.

Now her daughter, Bonnie, is giving fans updates — but it’s not very encouraging.

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On Saturday, Beth was admitted to a hospital in Honolulu.

Unfortunately, her condition was such that she was placed in a medically induced coma to preserve her life.

Her daughter, Bonnie, took to her Instagram Stories to keep fans apprised.

"There’s not much of an update I can give," Bonnie laments alongside a photo of medical equipment.

She offers: "I can say she’s getting good care." 

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"I know you guys wanted more," Bonnie acknowledges to her fans and followers and to those just checking in on Beth.

"But y’know," she writes. "It’s a coma."

Often, the best case for a coma patient is for there to be little change.

As Bonnie explains: "[Not] much can be updated."

As she made very clear in her Stories, she was doing her level best to provide real-time updates for Beth’s countless fans.

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Previously, Bonnie had tweeted that she was "on a flight home" to Hawaii to see her mom.

In her Stories, Bonnie then gave fans an estimate — it would be almost 5 hours until she could provide updates.

She also revealed that she was not flying alone.

Her brother, Garry Dee Chapman, was of course along for the ride.

Here we see Bonnie and Garry, side-by-side.

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Late in the evening (Honolulu time), Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman tweeted out to fans.

"Please say your prayers for Beth right now," he implored his followers.

Duane and Beth are devout Christians, and have never been subtle about this.

More than once, the couple has referred to Beth’s cancer battle through that deeply religious lens.

Duane followed up that invitagion by writing: "Thank you love you."

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Beth’s first battle against throat cancer was successful.

In 2017, she underwent surgery and appeared to be cancer-free.

Unfortunately, her cancer has returned with a vengeance, spreading to some of her vital organs.

Last November, she had to be hospitalized so that a tumor could be removed from her throat.

Then, earlier this year, she was hospitalized after fluid began to build up in her lungs.

Now, things have gone from bad to worse.

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Beth has explained in the past that she has chosen to not use chemotherapy, even if this cancer costs her her life.

Chemo is "not for her," she admitted, acknowledging that some fans would have liked for her to fight for her life with every tool available.

She explained that she wanted to spend this time with her family — and that means chasing fugitives with her husband.

Beth said that she did not pray with complaints about the cancer, but instead viewed it as a sort of test.

In multiple interviews, she has expressed feeling prepared for any eventuality to her cancer.

But her husband, Duane, has made it clear that he is not emotionally prepared to lose his wife.