Nipsey Hussle Murder: Shocking New Details Emerge

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If someone very close to the murder scene is to be believed, we just learned a great deal more about what transpired in the moments right before Nipsey Hussle was murdered.

The Grammy-nominated rapper, tragically, was shot dead on the streets of Los Angeles back in late March.

He was 33 years old.

Nipsey Hussle Snapshot

Eric Holder, a man who allegedly knew Hussle and who engaged in some sort of back and forth with him prior to pulling the trigger, has been arrested for the shooting.

Now, thanks to the woman who drove Holder away from the scene, we may know what Holder and Hussle were talking about prior to the homicide.

In court documents that identity the getaway driver as Witness 1, this woman has told authorities that she and Holder went to the strip mall where Hussle's clothing shop is located to get food.

When they pulled up on March 31, they spotted Hussle right outside the store he owned.

Nipsey Hussle and Fans

According to this testimony, Holder went into a burger restaurant and then walked over to the artist.

He was talking to Hussle and others for several minutes while Witness 1 waited to take a selfie with the star.

At this point, Witness 1 alleges she saw Nipsey wave off Holder, as if he was irritated and wanting their conversation to be over -- she says she then heard Hussle accuse Holder of being a snitch.

She also claims to the grand jury to have overheard Holder ask Nipsey if he ever snitched.

After this exchange, however, she says that she and Holder walked away and got into their car.

But Holder was clearly very angry about what had just transpired.

Nipsey Hussle Pic

The woman says Holder pulled out a black, semi-automatic handgun and told her to drive around the corner from the mall... because he wanted to do a drive-by shooting.

The woman says she refused.

As a result, Witness 1 says Holder told her to stay put... went through an alley... and fired several gunshots at Hussle before sprinting back to the vehicle.

For the record, Witness 1 is testifying under an immunity agreement.

She is very scared for her life, having said it's been threatened a countless number of times since Hussle's death, and has not been charged in connection to the murder.

Nothing she tells the court can be used against her in any future prosecution.

Nipsey Hussle

In very related news, Nipsey's business associate, Herman Douglas, has also testified for the grand jury.

He was at Marathon Clothing the day of the shooting and says he and Nipsey saw Holder in the car when the latter drove into the strip mall.

Herman says Nipsey referenced Holder's street named and asked: "Is that Shitty?"

Douglas also backs up the story that accusations of snitching were at the center of Hussle's heated discussion with Holder on the sidewalk.

He adds that Nipsey and Holder shook hands and parted ways with no animosity... before Holder came back a very short while later and shot the rapper dead.

Nipsey Hussle Picture

Hussle was a beloved member of the tip hop community who had dedicated his life to rebuilding the rough neighborhood in which he was raised.

In the wake of his passing, J. Cole, Meek Mill, Pusha T, Issa Rae, Vince Staples, Jalen Ramsey, Marcus Stroman and Michael B. Jordan were among the celebrities who expressed shock and sorrow on social media.

Hussle left behind two children and a very serious girlfriend, Lauren London.

“I am completely lost,” the actress wrote on her Instagram page two days after Hussle was killed, adding of her boyfriend of six years:

"I’ve lost my best friend. My sanctuary. My protector. My soul…. I’m lost without you. We are lost without you babe. I have no words."

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