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Last week, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended their feud, officially bringing an end to one of the lengthiest and most entertaining popstar beefs of all time.

The truce was announced by Katy’s cameo in the video for Taylor’s new single "You Need to Calm Down."

Hugging Katy
Photo via YouTube

In case Katy’s presence in the clip didn’t send the message clearly enough, Perry literally dressed as the hamburger to Katy’s french fries, and the two of them hugged it out on camera.

Katy tweeted a pic of the historic cease-fire along with a caption reading, "This meal is BEEF-free."

In other words, the singers are bludgeoning fans with their friendship the same way they used to beat us over the head with their feud.

But even though Taylor, in particular, seemed to glory in the gossip repeatedly throwing shade at her rival and even went so far as to write a song about Katy, she now says the media is to blame for the whole mess.

Katy Perry Taylor Swift Grammy Awards Icons Salute 2010
Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

Addressing the rekindled friendship in a new interview with Buzzfeed, Taylor recalls the exact moment at which she and Katy buried the hatchet:

“We have been on really good terms for a while. But the first time we saw each other was at this party, and it was just very clear to both of us that everything was different. That we had grown up," Swift says.

"That we had grown past allowing ourselves to be pitted against each other," Taylor continues.

"It just was really, really clear that we remembered how much we had in common.

Katy Perry in Hawaii
Photo via Instagram

"Both of us have been in a really good place for a while, but I don’t know if either of us knew if we were gonna talk about it publicly.”

Okay, obviously we’re a bit biased on this one, but Taylor pretending like her beef with Katy is an invention of the media and that the two of them were "pitted against each other" is some straight-up horse pucky, even by the standards of the post-truth #FakeNews era.

For yeeeears, Taylor took shots at Katy every chance she got as an audience numbering in the tens of millions hung on every word.

Katy was no shrinking violet throughout the whole thing, but she never teed off quite like Taylor did.

The lyrics to "Bad Blood" stop just short of Tupac-Biggie diss track territory, and Tay basically spent all of 2015 rolling with a massive posse of lanky friends in case sh-t got real at a red carpet event.

This was not a case of the media deciding it would be cool if two pop stars didn’t get along.

No, this was a case of two pop stars (but Taylor in particular) taking every opportunity to remind the public that they don’t get along.

It’s great that these two have decided to let bygones be bygones — but attempting to rewrite the past is a surefire way to wind up repeating your previous mistakes.