Rose Hanbury: Headed For Divorce Amid Prince William Cheating Scandal?

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Back in April, reports that Prince William had been caught cheating on Kate Middleton scandalized the royal family.

And the more details that emerged, the uglier the situation became.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Smile Big

Not only was Will caught cheating (sources claimed), the alleged infidelity took place while Kate was pregnant with the couple's third child.

To make matters worse, William's supposed partner in crime was Kate's former friend, Rose Hanbury.

Obviously, there's been no official confirmation from any of the parties involved with the rumors.

But much has been made of the fact that William took legal action against British media outlets who reported the story.

Prince William and Rose Hanburey

Certainly not the sort of action one associates with an innocent man.

And now, another smoking gun has revealed itself in the form of Rose's allegedly failing marriage.

A source who claims to be an associate of Rose's brother recently made some bombshell revelations to London tabloid The Sun:

“He let it slip when he had been drinking that Rose is aware of what people are saying about her and William," the insider says of Hanbury's sloshed sibling.

Rose Hanbury Image

"And it seems Rose’s marriage has less romance these days. He’s much older than her and they have different interests. Rose is up there in Norfolk in a nice stately pile.

"She’s a pretty girl and David is often a long way away in Paris or London.”

As many have pointed out, the source seems to be strongly implying that Rose has been unfaithful to her much older husband, David Rocksavage -- but he stops just short of stating that she cheated with Will.

In any event, the tipster says Rose and David are experiencing a major rough patch, and it's largely due to her alleged infidelity:

Rose Hanbury

“These are very, very trying times for Rose and she has not found it easy knowing that she is the subject of gossip simply because she happened to form a good friendship with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge," he claims.

Of course, the informant is being a bit misleading here.

The rumors began not because Rose is friends with Kate, but because their friendship abruptly ended earlier this year.

Sure, the Duchess may have had different reasons for kicking her close confidant to the curb -- but the most scandalous explanation is seeming more and more likely all the time.

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