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A shocking but widely believed report claims that Prince William was caught cheating on Kate Middleton while she was pregnant.

Subsequent reports have explained how this shook up the royal family and how family friends and eventually tabloids learned about it.

But the royal family wants all reports on the matter to cease — and they’re issuing a legal threat to silence the rumors.

Kate Middleton Glares at William

Attorneys with the comically British law firm, Harbottle and Lewis, have released a statement on reports of Prince William’s alleged affair.

"In addition to being false and highly damaging," the statement begins.

"The publication of false speculation in respect of our client’s private life also constitutes a breach of his privacy."

The statement explains that this breach is "pursuant to Article 8 of the European Convention to Human Rights."

That’s a pretty hefty accusation.

Kate With Will

The contentious report claims that Prince Wiliam was caught having an affair with Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

Until fairly recently, William and Kate had been besties with Rose and her husband, David.

But the claim is that William had an affair with Rose during Kate’s most recent pregnancy.

Reports say that Kate discovered it, confronted William, and demanded that he break off all contact with Rose.

The sudden distance between the couples is what clued people in to the fact that something was apparently "up."

Prince Harry and Prince William with Duchesses
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Additionally, some believe that this scandal, long kept secret, was the cause of reported conflicts between Harry and William.

According to allegations and rumors, Harry resents his brother’s reported affair.

Not only does he find it unbecoming and unfair to Kate, but it reminds him of their father, Prince Charles’ cheating on their mother.

Meanwhile, some feckless rumors have said that Meghan Markle is some sort of nightmare who is causing drama for the royal family.

She has been silently blamed for an alleged sibling feud, and Harry has reportedly been frustrated that he cannot publicly exonerate his wife.

Prince William and Dueling Duchesses

Harbottle and Lewis aren’t just asserting that the claim is false.

They’re threatening legal action against news outlets that report on it.

News outlets within the UK, that is.

Additionally, sources within Kensington Palace have reportedly condemned reports of the affair.

The continuing message seems to be that everyone should shut up about the story because it’s pure rubbish.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Smile Big

Are reports about Prince William’s personal life actually a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights?

Well … it’s complicated.

Article 8 describes people being entitled to respect for one’s "private and family life, his home, and his correspondence."

But it also makes it clear that certain restrictions apply, notably those "necessary in a democratic society."

As a prince and heir to the throne, Prince William is about as much of a public figure as one possibly can be.

Interest in his life isn’t merely natural — it’s justified, considering the millions that taxpayers spend each year to protect him and his family.

Prince Harry and Prince William in Suits

For months and months, rumors about Meghan Markle tearing apart the royal family and being vicious to the staff have bounced around.

Kensington Palace has replied to some requests for comment by denying rumors, but the royals have seemed to mostly ignore these wild claims.

But many have gotten the impression that the family is deeply concerned with this report about William and Kate.

Some believe that all of these attempts to silence rumors are a case of the royals protesting too much.

Others say that maybe they just take a rumor about a likely heir very seriously.

Does the royal family still have the kind of power and influence to totally quash a story that it doesn’t like? We guess that we’ll find out. …