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Just when you thought the talk of a feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton had finally died out, along comes yet another report of Meg rocking the boat.

Yes, get ready to be annoyed by fussiness over an outdated institution, ladies and gentlemen, because we have new accusations that Meghan is violating royal protocol!

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In the past, we’ve heard allegations of Meghan failing to curtsy properly and just generally eliciting widespread pearl-clutching across the UK.

Now, it seems like the stuffiest royal traditionalists might want to hold on to their heart meds and prepare to pop their monocles, as Meg has reportedly arrived at the very obvious conclusion that the entire concept of a royal family is, in fact, quite dumb.

Or at the very least, she’s fed up with abiding by rules that infringe on her individuality.

According to a new report from Radar Online, the Duchess of Sussex is sick of being the low woman on the totem pole and she’s now “fighting for equality” within the Windsor clan and refusing to “bow down” to her superiors.

We’re guessing that means Kate and the Queen because that’s usually how these stories play out.


“Meghan and Harry feel that the rules and regulations in connection with royal protocol are antiquated to forward-thinking millennials,” says one insider.

“Meghan and Harry respect tradition but want the freedom to do their own work and promote their causes without being held back by any constraints.”

First, they came for breakfast cereals, mortgages, and bar soap, and now millennials are killing the royal family! 

Though it sounds like Meghan is locking horns with her in-laws, the insider insists her objections have more to do with the work she plans to do going forward:

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“This is the real point of contention and it has nothing to do with Meghan versus Kate or Harry versus William,” the source claims.

“Meghan has big ambition and lofty goals and feels it is unfair that her unrelenting work ethic is being stifled because the others can’t keep up with her.”

Meghan is on maternity leave at the moment, having welcomed her first child just last month.

But the informant says she’s already planning to accomplish some big things once she returns to duchess duty later this year.

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“It’s not a competition to Meghan, it’s about working hard and delivering results and that is what she is laser focused on,” says the insider.

“Expect her to make a huge comeback after her maternity leave ends. You will see her everywhere and she is already booked out through 2021.”

We suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what Meghan has in store.

It’s probably some sort of laudable philanthropic endeavor, but we’re deeply petty people, so we’re sort of hoping she announces a Most Popular Duchess contest and starts barnstorming all over the British empire.