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Well, by now you’ve probably heard the news that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have ended their feud.

And not only have the pop stars buried the hatchet, they’ve also embarked on a very enthusiastic — and very public — friendship.

The whole thing feels more like a corporate merger than an end of a personal rivalry, but hey — we suppose it’s preferable to Swift and Perry constantly making tabloid headlines by taking petty shots at each other.

The feud was pretty entertaining at first, but as it entered its fifth year, the dueling divas schtick began to wear thin.

So whether it’s due to newfound maturity or the realization that they’re more interesting to the public as friends than as enemies, Katy and Taylor have called a truce.

And they’ve gone from enemies to besties in record time.

Hugging Katy
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Katy is engaged to Orlando Bloom these days, and while a wedding date has not yet been made public, it seems that Perry has already curated her guest list.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Taylor made the cut — but she’s been cautioned not to try and steal Katy’s thunder.

“Katy invited both Taylor and her boyfriend to the wedding, but there was one condition — she cannot wear white,” an insider tells the site.

That’s pretty standard wedding etiquette, but we suppose when you’ve spent the past half-decade publicly trash-talking one of your guests, it’s best to make the rules explicit and not leave anything to chance.

The Ole Days
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As for what’s next for the singers, it should come as no surprise that Swift and Perry are planning to release a single together.

“A collaboration between the two is already in the works and has been since they reunited," says the source.

"They are so much alike and they know how lucrative their friendship can be.”

But it’s not all about the bottom line, of course.

Katy Perry in Hawaii
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Katy and Taylor are both seeing dollar signs these days, but insiders say their connection is genuine, and they’re both benefitting from their renewed friendship in numerous ways.

“Neither one of them really have anyone who can relate to them, and Katy is really giddy about this," says the source.

“They are both with other men now and they’re not going to let all of that continue to come in between them.

"They laugh about it now because of how immature they both were."

You Need to Calm Down
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Publicly, Taylor has suggested the media was to blame for her feud with Katy, but privately, she’s reportedly accepted partial responsibility.

The insider claims that both women have reflected on what sort of negative influence they may have had on their impressionable fan bases by engaging in years of "mean girl" behavior.

And now, they’re hoping to lead by example:

“They are going to use their newfound friendship to help people instead of to create headlines," says the insider.

Sounds like a plan to us!