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Last week, we reported on the sad news that Mary Duggar had passed away.

At first, it was widely assumed that the 78-year-old mother of Jim Bob Duggar had died of natural causes, but that turned out not to be the case.

Jinger Duggar with grandma Mary Duggar
Photo via Instagram

As we later learned, Mary Duggar drowned under circumstances that remain mysterious to the public.

And that was just the first of many controversies surrounding the death.

Despite the fact that Jill Duggar was accused of "cashing in" on Mary’s passing by eulogizing her grandmother in a monetized blog post, she paid tribute yet again today.

This time, the mother of two posted a photo from Mary’s funeral along with another loving message of remembrance:

Photo via TLC

“Yesterday was a very hard, yet beautiful day," Jill captioned the image.

"The service was lovely and very honoring to my Grandma and the one she loved more than anyone or anything else, Jesus Christ!" she continued.

"So many family members and friends came together and organized, supported and remembered the amazing woman she was!"

Jill ended her post on a hopeful note adding:

Mary Duggar and Family
Photo via Instagram

“Then there was a beautiful rainbow … a sign of God’s faithfulness,’ as Grandma would always say!” she wrote.

“We’ll see you in heaven, Grandma! I know you’re enjoying your time with Jesus before the rest of us arrive!”

Thankfully, no one criticized Jill’s post this time around.

But the Duggar clan’s wariness regarding public opinion was evident throughout the memorial service:

Photo via Instagram

Several Duggar men took the stage to speak at Mary’s funeral — including Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest son.

Now, we probably don’t need to tell you that the Josh Duggar sex scandals remain a hot button issue, and the 31-year-old has not appeared on his family’s reality show in the four years since they went public.

Rumors of Josh returning to Counting On have been circulating for years, but thus far, the family has not been so bold as to attempt to reintroduce him to the public.

And it seems that’s not about to change anytime soon.

Josh at Mary Duggar's Funeral
Photo via TLC

A camera crew was present at Mary’s funeral, but sources tell Radar that precautions were taken to ensure that Josh did not appear on camera.

“Josh spoke which caused the TLC cameras to immediately shut off,” says the insider.

Smart move by both the Duggars and TLC.

In all likelihood, there will already be some controversy surrounding the decision to televise Mary’s funeral.

The last thing the network needs is to add fuel to the fire by making it Josh’s long-dreaded comeback episode.