Amy Roloff Trashes Ex-Husband: He's a Bully!

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Amy Roloff is truly holding nothing back in her new memoir.

Especially when it comes to her ex-husband, Matt Roloff.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff

Over the past three years, Amy and Matt have navigated the post-divorce waters as well as two people possibly can, co-starring together on Little People, Big World and running the family farm as business owners.

They've almost never said anything negative about each other in public.

But Amy said in an interview a few weeks ago that Matt cheated on her with Caryn Chander, and then she went into even more scandalous detail in her aforementioned book.

The book is titled A Little Me and it features a chapter in which Amy lists all the inappropriate ways Matt acted during their marriage when it came to Caryn.

She accuses him of sending her photos and text messages and hanging out with her in ways that one should really NOT do when one is married.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff Together

Now, in further excerpts from this same memoir, we see other issues Amy had with Matt back when they were a couple.

Specifically, his general attitude toward her and the way he made her feel as a person.

“Many discussions I had with Matt eventually made me feel less than,” Amy writes about her 27-year union in her memoir. “He may not have meant or realized how his words, businesslike attitude, and lack of compassion affected our relationship and me.

"But they did.”

Yikes, huh?

That's almost the worst way a spouse can make his or her companion feel. Less than.

Little People, Big World Return Pic

Added Amy:

“His words stayed in my mind and played with my emotions, and I sometimes became intimidated by Matt with his strong and domineering personality.

"I just didn’t get the support and encouragement.”

On the latest season of Little People, Big World, Amy called out Matt for the way he bullied her during the pair's debate over whether or not to sell their family's farm.

"Matt has a strong personality, and one that I've adapted over the years we were together," Amy said on an episode, echoing what she writes in her book and saying she had learned in the years since their divorce to take the following tact:

"Stand your ground and don't let life push you around, including Matt."

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff and Grandkids

Amy - who announced her separation from Matt in 2014 after years of what she later called an “inappropriate” relationship between her husband and the then-family farm manager, Caryn - says she he often shut down her business ideas.

She says he made “impulsive” family decisions without her consideration -- and even tried to control to whom she spoke.

“He believed we shouldn’t really talk to or trust any of the producers or crew because they didn’t really care about us,” she writes, adding very strangely:

“We weren’t their priority, making a TV show was, and they’d say anything to appease us to get what they wanted.

"It would be best if everyone in the family went through Matt about everything, and he would communicate with the production staff on our behalf and take care of everything.”

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff on Live

Along this same topic, Amy concluded:

“Matt would get upset if, after filming and off camera, I’d be talking to the producers.

"I felt conflicted because he did it all the time. I wasn’t sure what the issue was about me doing the same.”

Weird, right?

Matt has not publicly responded to Amy’s recent accusations.

It's unclear whether or not he knew she would be writing all of this about their marriage.

But we're suddenly even more excited than we were before about the next season of Little People, Big World.

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