Jennifer Lamb Asks Fans to Pray for June Shannon After Failed Intervention

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From Not to Hot fans and her own family were hopeful, but June Shannon's intervention was a dramatic failure.

As fans brace themselves to see the next ugly turns in Mama June's life, she's receiving vocal support from an unlikely source.

Jennifer Lamb took to social media to plead with fans to keep June in their prayers.

Jennifer Lamb Flaunts Dramatic Weight Loss

Jennifer took to Instagram and shared a photo of her, producer Gina Rodriguez, and June, who was sticking out her tongue.

"This photo shows June’s fun personality," Jennifer's caption begins.

"When we took this photo," she says, providing context. "It was earlier in the season."

"And," Jennifer recalls. "Everything was good."

She quickly admits that something may have already been wrong in June's life, adding: "or at least we thought."

Jennifer Lamb and June Shannon

This is such a sweet photo, and Jennifer's right about how well it illustrates June's personality.

Sometimes, between the clownish moments and the drama, it can be too easy to forget that reality stars are real people.

"June and I may have had our differences in the past," Jennifer readily admits.

"But," she emphasizes. "I truly care about this woman and her family."

Part of June's family is now, through Sugar Bear, part of Jennifer's family, too.

June Shannon Looks Odd

Jennifer then issues a plea for her followers to provide emotional and even spiritual support for June.

'This has been a difficult time," Jennifer points out.

That is an understatement. A crack cocaine arrest and a failed intervention are just the tip of the iceberg.

"And," she continues. "I ask that you keep Miss June in your prayers."

She adds several instances of the prayer emoji.

Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson and Jennifer Lamb

Jennifer, at the time of her posting, reminded her followers to watch the show.

She then asked a special favor of them, imploring fans to "(please be kind in the comments)."

Many fans abided by Jennifer's heartfelt request.

"This was heartbreaking to watch," wrote one follower. "The silver lining being how amazing you look and how hard you worked."

Jennifer's storyline was much more positive than June's.

June Shannon is not going to a mental hospital

"Glad to see such a nice, fun photo of you 3 together & your kind words regarding June," praised another fan.

The comment continued: "Hoped you two were friends off screen - oh and Jennifer you looked absolutely fabulous last week with your shorter curly hair!"

"Jennifer you are kind hearted person," wrote another commenter.

That follower continued: "Set your difference asides and you didn’t judge her for what she is going through. Prayers for Mama June."

It sounds like June could use all of the good vibes that she can get.

Geno Doak at Lunch

See, it's not just that she was arrested for crack cocaine, or that Geno was arrested under suspicion of domestic violence.

June adamantly refused to go to any in-patient treatment, despite the pleas of her children who are afraid that she will literally die.

The reason, as Pumpkin Shannon explained, is actually very simple.

June is afraid that she can't watch Geno Doak, her good-for-nothing boyfriend, if she's in in-patient treatment.

She's afraid that he'll cheat on her, as he has allegedly been doing already. She's afraid that she'll lose him.

No man is worth dying over.

And a man whom you have to watch constantly to keep him in line? He's not worth keeping.

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