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Fans of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way are loving the new spinoff’s fresh take on the 90 Day formula.

As we know from meeting Laura and Aladin, the couples on The Other Way are just as unique as the original series’.

This week’s episode introduced a brand new couple, Jihoon and Deavan, but some fans are outraged by how Deavan let her daughter behave.

Deavan Clegg and Daughter Drascilla
Photo via Instagram

During her introduction, 22-year-old Deavan reveals that she is a single mother to her three-year-old daughter Drascilla. 

We quickly see that Drascilla is an adorable whirlwind of chaos, a true "wild child," as her mother puts it.

As Deavan describes her relationship with her daughter, we see that Drascilla has leapt up on the dining room table and is removing a painting from the wall.

"Some people would describe Drascila as a Nanny 911-status baby," Deavan admits. "She’s just very rambunctious."

Next, while Deavan is busy making a salad, Drascilla clambers up onto the kitchen counter.

Photo via Instagram

Drascilla then opens a cabinet, takes out a bowl and just casually tosses it across the room. 

Naturally, fans suddenly had a lot of opinions on Deavan’s parenting style, and about little Drascilla’s wild behavior. 

But Deavan was having none of it, feeling it wsn’t fair to pass judgment on a three-year-old girl.

We have to agree; it’s pretty messed up to cruelly malign a toddler after just a few moments of screen time.

Deavan Clegg Bridal Veil
Photo via Instagram

Deavan soon took to Instagram to tell the haters to back off.

For people calling my daughter rude, inappropriate names that I can’t even repeat," she begins. "Grow up."

The incensed mom will repeat this instruction to the trolls.

We hope that they listen.

"She’s three years old," Deavan points out, "She’s still a baby."

"Don’t be calling her names that you hear in R-rated movies," Deavan demands.

"She’s the most amazing little girl," she praises, "who is the best big sister."

Deavan warns, "I don’t let comments get to me."

"But seeing grown adults say mean R-rated words about three-year-olds is not acceptable,” she concludes

Later in the comments, Deavan brings up a very good point about how being on camera can affect a child’s behavior.

“Side note, kids get excited when cameras are around," she points out.

"They want to show off because of a camera," Deavan continues, "that’s how kids are."

"She’s amazing and my wonderful princess,” she affirms.

In a later comment, Deavan reminds the child-shamers that as Drascilla’s mother, she gets to decide how to raise her.

Jihoon Proposes to Deavan

“She can do as she pleases in my house because it’s my rules," she points out. 

"She wants to be on the counter; she can, because she wants to cook," Deavan adds.

"So it’s no one’s business if she’s on the counter in my OWN house," she adds.

Deavan explains that Drascilla behaves differently when she’s out in public.

"Doesn’t mean she does it everywhere," Deavan says.

"Only MY house because I like her help and I’m not an a–hole,” she concludes. So there.

Photo via Instagram

Deavan later posted a photo of herself at three years old.

In the caption she recalls that her own mother gave her the freedom to be messy, run amok and choose her own outfits.

"I let Drascilla do the same thing," Deavan explains.

"Because I loved my childhood and remember fun good times."

After just one episode, it’s too soon to tell what kind of kid Drascilla really is.

We know she’s a handful. We know she’s a great example of how weird baby names are getting. 

And we know that her mom is 110% in her corner.