Catelynn Lowell BLASTS Mom-Shamers: I Didn't Abandon Novalee!!!

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On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, Novalee had a meltdown when her mom left to go to the spa.

Fans jumped on Catelynn for giving her daughter "abandonment issues," and Tyler was quick to defend his wife.

Now, Catelynn is clapping back for herself at the mom-shamers who accuse her of abandoning her daughter.

Catelynn Lowell on Her Gram

4-year-old Novalee did not handle her mother's departure for the spa well, crying and wailing.

But Catelynn says that fans are blowing the incident out of proportion.

"Nova was FINE two minutes after I left!" Catelynn tweeted.

It's true that preschool aged children can become upset for any (or, seemingly, no) reason, because they're very small and their lives are overwhelming.

Catelynn wants to make it clear that she doesn't make a habit of leaving Novalee for a spa day.

Catelynn Lowell tweets at mom-shamers 24 June 2019

"That was my first time by myself in MONTHS!!!" Catelynn tweets to her fans and followers.

"And," she reminds them. "It was my birthday!"

The episode was filmed on March 12.

"If you are a parent," Catelynn pleads with her followers. "You know that sometimes u need me time!"

But her mom-shamers were unrelenting, saying that Catelynn takes more time for herself than most parents.

Tyler, Catelynn and Kids

"I’m so tired of Catelynn constantly talking about she needs to rest," one mom-shamer wrote.

The critic bemoaned how Catelynn wanted to "take it easy so she won’t stress herself out and get postpartum depression again."

"You do nothing but take it easy!" the hater accused. "She uses her past depression as an excuse for everything! Enough!"

"Aww," wrote another. "Nova thinks she not coming back because she leaves so many times."

Catelynn and Tyler: SELFIE!

Tyler also rose to his wife's defense, though some weren't impressed by his response.

"Wait…so a kid throws a fit nowadays & we’re calling it ‘abandonment anxiety issues’!?” Tyler tweeted.

“I must have not received that memo," he joked.

Kids can melt down because they're overwhelmed by feelings, but there can definitely be underlying causes -- Tyler comes across as dismissive, here.

"But thank you to all of the social media child therapists for this new diagnosis," he wrote sarcastically, adding: "Hahaha!"

The Baltierras' Wedding Day

On February 21, Catelynn and Tyler welcomed baby Vaeda into the world.

"We would love to have a boy one day," Catelynn expressed several weeks later.

"If we’re meant to just have girls," she allowed. "I guess that’s what we were meant to have!"

"I’m not going to have like, six, or seven kids – no thank you," she affirmed.

Catelynn expressed: "I feel like I’m already going gray with two!"

Celebrating Nova

"By the time we’re 30, we’re done. [Baltierra’s] getting fixed, that’s it," she said, referring to a vasectomy.

"I already told him," she revealed. "I said, ‘I carried all three of your kids and birthed them and pushed them out of me, you’re getting snipped, sorry!’"

"And he’s OK with that!" Catelynn notes. "He’s like, ‘Yeah you’re right, you did carry all my kids and have to go through labor, so [I’ve] got no choice!’"

Vasectomies are simple outpatient procedures with relatively short recovery times.

They are also reversible.

Add that to the fact that people can have their sperm frozen, and the way that sperm tends to be more viable at a young age, and you wonder why Tyler would even wait.

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