Britney Spears and Sam Asghari: Is Their Relationship Doomed?

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Britney Spears is showing off that social media freedom by slamming the paparazzi and accusing them of doctoring photos of her.

In the meantime, she's also posting steamy pics of her sexy vacation with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

And while they're having fun in the sun, relationship details are leaking. Take a look:

Britney With Sam

The legendary and incomparable Britney Spears is living her best life with her ludicrously handsome boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

The hot pair uploaded photos from their time on the open water.

Britney captioned the pics, which we have included, as: "Miami with mi amor."

Sam captioned those same photos as: "305 with my Lioness."

These two appear to be life goals on the surface. But does their relationship hold up if we dig a little deeper?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in Miami

Entertainment Tonight spoke with an inside source about whether there's more than outrageous good looks keeping this couple together.

"Sam is really in love with Britney," the insider reveals.

First of all, everybody loves Britney, so write that down.

"He will always be there to help," the source adds. "In any way he can."

"He's her protector," the insider characterizes.

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears on a Boat

While Britney and Sam have been showing off their romantic getaway, the report sheds light on their domestic bliss.

"When they're together," the source shares. "They cook at home most nights."

That sounds so sweet (and, to this Millennial, a little exhausting).

The report explains why they would choose to do the labor themselves instead of order whatever they want or have a private chef make it.

"They like to keep things relaxed and simple," the insider explains.

Britney Spears, Sean Preston, and Jayden James at Brunch

Sam may be a big part of her life these days, but he's not the center of her world.

"For Britney," the source emphasizes. "Being a mother is the most important part of her life."

"She is the most content whenever she is around her boys," the insider shares.

The source reveals that "Sam is also very involved with the kids' lives."

"The boys appreciate it when they all spend time together as a family," the insider notes.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, Black and White

It's great to hear that Sam has been bonding with Jayden James and Sean Preston.

"Her kids love when Sam is around," the source divulges.

According to the insider: "They have from the beginning of the relationship."

It sounds like he's great with kids.

"He gets along with all of them very well," the source states.

Britney Spears Kisses Sam

It is so reassuring to hear that Britney and Sam's relationship is going so well despite all of the drama, media speculation, and the nature of relationships.

That said, it is not a surprise in the least.

Britney is smart, gorgeous, phenomenally talented, and one of the best celebrity moms on the planet.

Of course she would make careful decisions about who she invites into her home, into her life, and who gets to meet her precious children.

Just because the relationship began with thirst (as most do!) doesn't mean that she's not making good decisions about her life.

Good for her. Good for Sam. We wish them both a world of happiness.

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