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There no debate that Beyonce has the most passionate fan base of any celebrity in Hollywood.

But there is a lot of debate over the way in which this fan base, often dubbed the Beyhive, reacts in certain situation.

Nicole Curran
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It’s one thing (and perhaps still too much of a thing) when the group gangs up on an artist for seemingly copying artistic decisions made by their hero.

It’s quite another thing when the group issues death threats to an innocent woman whose only crime was to… offer Beyonce a beverage.

This is what happened on Wednesday night.

Beyonce and Jay-Z sat courtside for Game 3 of he NBA Finals in Oakland. At one point, cameras caught Nicole Curran, the wife of the Golden State Warriors majority owner, leaning over and talking to the rapper.

These cameras also caught Beyonce seemingly side-eyeing Curran for, some viewers presumed, daring to speak to her husband.

There was even a rumor that Beyonce shoved Curran.

Beyonce, Nicole Curran

For a short while, social media users had fun with this exchange, tossing out memes and jokes about Beyonce acting all protective of her husband.

But the jokes quickly ended after Curran spoke to reporter Ramona Shelburne and relayed just what she had been hearing from aforementioned member of the Beyhive.

Just spoke to Nicole Curran, the wife of Warriors owner Joe Lacob, about the “incident “ with Beyoncé last night, Shelburne Tweeted yesterday, adding:

She was in tears. Said she had been getting death threats on social media all night  this morning she disabled her IG account just to make it stop.

Curran was the one who invited this world famous couple to the game, as Shelburne continued:

Curran said she had no idea anything was even amiss until she got home and started seeing texts from friends and checked her social media. She’s invited Jay Z and Beyoncé to the game  3-4 times before. 

Last night she says she asked if they wanted drinks. Beyoncé asked for water.

The final two Tweets in this thread/explanation read as follows:

Curran says Jay Z asked for a vodka soda. She asked if he wanted lime with that. But it was loud in Oracle and she couldn’t hear, so she leaned over. That’s where the photos of Beyoncé looking askance at her come from.

Curran says she then went to go get them those drinks.

“There was no hostility. I was trying to be a good hostess,” she said. “I’ve never experienced cyber bullying like this. I can’t believe our players go through this. That kids go through this.“

So there you have it.

Fans of Beyonce bullied and threatened a woman for having good manners, serving as a good host and having the gall to say about six words to Jay-Z.

In response, the publicist for Beyonce has actually called out these very passionate supporters.

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"I am looking back today at the start of The OTRII tour, one year ago. It was a place of joy, unimaginable entertainment from two of the best performers in the world, and a place of love," wrote Yvette Noel-Schure to open a caption to the photo above.

She continued:

"Every single day on that tour I saw love. Which is why I also want to speak here to the beautiful BeyHiVE. I know your love runs deep but that love has to be given to every human.

"It will bring no joy to the person you love so much if you spew hate in her name. We love you."

Very well said, right?

Simple. To the point. Accusatory, but also fair and respectful.

Beyonce in Homecoming
Photo via Netflix

Let’s really hope the Beyhive listens and understands.

Because it may seem humorous at first to write something such as this, as one Internet user did two days ago: “THE NERVE TO INVADE BEYONCE’S PERSONAL SPACE WHILE WEARING THOSE BOOTS."

In reality, though, it’s nothing more than ignorant cyberbullying.

And it has to stop.