Alana Thompson Turns THIRTEEN! Feel Old Yet?

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Though June Shannon was going blind not so long ago, she's been working to save her vision and she can see well enough to post a birthday shout-out.

Honey Boo Boo herself, Alana Thompson, turned 13 on Tuesday, August 28! She's growing up so quickly!

Mama June also gave a shout-out to her estranged daughter, Anna -- which is a huge step up from last year.

The Boo

June took to Instagram to give her most famous child a birthday shout-out.

"Ok, I can’t believe how fast our kids grow up..." June writes. "My baby @honeybooboo is officially a teenager today!"

She really is. Feel old yet?

"Please show her some Birthday love," June implores her fans and followers.

June Shannon shared a video of the birthday girl -- a video so brief that we turned it into a .gif for you.

Alana Thompson Turns 13

Pumpkin, Alana's older sister, also showered her sister with some love.

"Happy birthday to my not so little sister!!!" Pumpkin writes.

Folks, that is a remark about her age -- that is not a dig at her figure.

Pumpkin continues: "You’ve grown into such a wonderful human being!!"

"I’m so proud of how far you’ve come," Pumpkin says.

Alana Thompson Poses Outdoors

Just last month, we learned that Alana Thompson joined Dancing With The Stars. That's so exciting for her!

Pumpkin has still more praise for the birthday girl, writing: "I can’t believe you are 13 today!!"

We can't, either.

"I hope you enjoy your birthday," Pumpkin writes. "& I promise when you get back home we will celebrate."

Pumpkin signs off: "Happy birthday from me, Ella, & Josh!!"

Anna Cardwell Photo

Alana is not the only one of June's daughters who has a birthday on August 28, however.

Her daughter Anna is 11 years older -- to the day -- than Alana.

Last year, June said nothing publicly on Anna's birthday, because the two are estranged.

This year, she gave her daughter a shout-out, surprising many fans.

"Happy 24th Birthday to my oldest @annamarie35," June writes. "As you all know Anna and Alana share the same birthday!"

Alana Thompson Snaps a Selfie

Anna Cardwell broke off ties with her mother in 2015 after June was seen cozying up to the man accused of molesting Anna when she was a child.

(June's inexplicable affection for a man many mothers would sooner fire into the sun remains abominably gross, folks, and Anna has every right to move on with her life and never look back)

At the time, Anna also accused June of stealing from her trust fund -- to the tune of $15,000. Yikes.

Perhaps June's message is a sign that things are on the mend between mother and daughter. However, we should note that no one has seen any sign of Anna writing back.

At the very least, it looks like an olive branch. A birthday shout-out is the least of what June owes Anna.

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