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On a sneak peek clip of Friday night’s new episode of From Not To Hot, the intervention of June Shannon continues.

In this clip, it appears that the cameras are surreptitiously filming from some distance, allowing the family the illusion of privacy.

As June bizarrely refuses any inpatient treatment to her family’s dismay, Pumpkin explains her mother’s madness to viewers. This is so dumb.

June Shannon Looks Odd

"You need to disconnect, period," June is advised in the sneak peek video.

"Like your medical history, your records, what was in your system, the spells, the seizures … all of that," a voice can be heard saying.

"That’s why we’re trying to help!" June’s friends and family explain.

"You need now to go and get help for you slipping away," she is told.

"And," June is instructed. "Do it in a calm, tranquil place."

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"And then you can have your daughter home," June is encouraged.

Alana is currently living with her sister because she feels unsafe at June’s house because of the drugs and fighting.

"And you can see your grandchild grow up," her loved ones say. "You can get your life back, June."

"Because right now," she is told. "You’re living somebody else’s life."

"This isn’t the lady I’ve seen on TV," June is counseled.

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"I’m not going to a mental hospital!" June insists.

"Mama," June is corrected. "He doesn’t want you to go to a mental hospital!"

"This is not a mental hospital," her loved ones clarify. "I want you to go somewhere you can get help and get better with your life."

"And," the intervention continues, June needs to "get some of this stress off your back."

Mama June Shannon Pic

"I am not going to a [expletive] in-patient center!" June declares. "Bottom line!"

"Why would a woman that’s beaten so much that she’s been through in her life," the intervention asks.

"Who’s overcome so much that she’s overcome in her life," her loved ones note.

The intervention cannot help but ask: "Why is that same woman scared to death to pick herself up today?"

"Why is that?" they repeat.

June Shannon Pose
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"Do you wanna die?" a distraught Alana asks.

"Do you not wanna see me have grandkids?" she asks her mom. "Jessica have grandkids? Us get married?"

Another asks: "So you’d rather die?"

"No," June replies sullenly.

"And leave your kids behind?" the questions continue.

"It isn’t about that," June says.

Geno Doak at Lunch

"Why can’t you just go to a calm, quiet retreat place?" Alana asks, neither calmly nor quietly.

"I can’t stand to be away," June explains. "And they know that."

"No," June continues. "I can’t."

"Away from what?" the crowd asks.

June doesn’t answer — but the incredibly stupid thing holding back June doesn’t remain a mystery for long.

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"Mama is so afraid of being without Geno," Pumpkin then explains. "Because she can’t monitor him."

"She’s saying," she explains of her mother. "That if they’re around one another, he won’t do what he’s been doing."

Cheating. Cheating is what he’s been allegedly doing. Some believe that he’s been doing so with June’s money.

"And I’m gonna go ahead and tell you," Pumpkin says. "A cheater will always be a cheater, with or without you."

It’s true, and she should say it.

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"I’m not gonna walk away from everything," June insists.

She does add: "I’m sorry."

But still, June doubles down. "I’m not gonna go and be inpatient "

She is afraid of losing "everything," but it’s clear that she really just means that she thinks that she’ll lose Geno.

"This is how you save everything, June," she is reassured.

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"You’re walking to something," the intervention emphasizes.

"You’re pressing pause, unplugging, for a short period of time," the rehab program is explained to her.

"And then you come back," June is promised. "And you handle your business, and everything will go back to normal."

"It is not long!" Alana insists. "It’s only six weeks."

"Please just give them a chance, mama," she begs June, her voice cracking as she tears up. "Please."

Well, that’s heartbreaking.