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… And then there was one.

Major source of controversy and annoyance on The Voice, that is.

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On Tuesday night’s season finale of this beloved NBC singing competition, Blake Shelton and John Legend’s teams battled it out one last time.

Maelyn Jarmon represented the latter, while Team Blake was filled with a trio of impressive country artists: Gyth Rigdon, Dexter Roberts and Andrew Sevener.

Only one member of this concluding quartet could come out on top in the end, of course, so roll that drum of yours and prepare to learn the answer in 3… 2… 1:


The 26-year-old singer — who has become known for her powerhouse vocals — delivered Legend his first-ever The Voice victory, adding to a list of accomplishments for the superstar that includes an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award.

But this night wasn’t about Legend, of course.

It was about his protege, Jarmon.

Maelyn Jarmon

“I really love Blake and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him this year. He’s a very arrogant bastard,” Legend told reporters at the winner’s press conference following the show, adding:

“I had a feeling he was going to kiss someone’s ass after this show and I was right.”

Thanks to Jarmon, of course.

She surprised many viewers by defeating Rigdon, who finished in second place; along with Roberts, who placed third; and Sevener, who placed fourth.

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Ever since the blind auditions, Jarmon has captured the attention of the coaches and viewers across the globe with her amazing voice and inspiring story.

At two years old, Jarmon had tubes inserted into her ears to treat recurring ear infections.

Sadly, the tubes ended up damaging her eardrums and left her deaf in her right ear and with only 80% hearing in the left ear. Still, she fought on and overcame extraordinary odds to follow a career in music.

“I’ve considered it a superpower since I was young,” she told reporters on Monday night ahead of the finale. “It was never discussed as a disability through my house. It was never really talked about much at all.

What a great attitude, right?

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And yet… many fans of the show did not feel great about the final vote.

They took to social media to vent about the outcome.

"This is a crock of crap. Andrew Sevener was better than the rest of the finalists," wrote one angry Tweeter, while another thought Shelton was "ROBBED."

Seems a bit harsh, right?

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Do you agree with these assessments? Or do you think the right artist was crowned The Voice champion?

The star-studded finale also featured performances by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie, BTS, the Jonas Brothers, Halsey, Khalid, OneRepublic and Hootie & the Blowfish.

Adam Levine, meanwhile, had predicted Jarmon would win — while we simply remain in awe of her positive view in light of all she has been faced with in her life.

"I didn’t know how [the show] was going to turn out because I had never been on this kind of platform or worked with in-ears before and that had its own challenges,” she continued to the press prior to the finale.

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Concluded Jarmon at this time:

“Last week, my in-ears went out halfway through my performance, and I couldn’t hear anything anymore. When that has happened to me before this show because I sometimes can’t hear, I’ll go based off feeling.

"I was able to do that in that moment because of my practice with that in the past. It has been, sometimes, an issue but mostly an advantage."

This is a deserving winner.

Don’t you concur?