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Recent reports have shocked Sister Wives fans to their cores.

These days, Kody Brown seems to care about one woman, Robyn, to the detriment of his other wives. 

Playing favorites is backfiring, because it’s resulted in new family tensions, and now Robyn is ghosting the rest of the family.

At Aspyn's Graduation
Photo via Instagram

Everyone was so proud when Aspyn Brown graduated from college. It’s a huge deal!

But fans could not help but notice that Robyn Brown skipped out on the big family gathering.

"Yesterday I graduated college," Aspyn wrote on social media.

“I want to say a big thank you to my parents," she expressed. "For encouraging me to go and helping me to start."

"I am so grateful for my sweet friends and my amazing littles who I am so lucky to have," Aspyn gushed.

Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson Wedding Photo
Photo via TLC

"And a huge thank you to Mitch," Aspyn raved. "Who stuck it all out with my while plans changed."

Mitch is her husband, whom Aspyn married last year.

"I love you all so much & am beyond grateful for your love," she affirmed.

"Thanks for all the wishes to my friends here as well," Aspyn added, in a huge nod to her fansa nd followers.

"Now," she concluded. "Onto the next adventure."

Robyn Brown Tells All
Photo via TLC

That message was very sweet!

But as fans looked through the photos from this major life milestone, they couldn’t help but notice that someone was missing.

"Where is Robyn?" one fan asked in a comment.

Another could resist commenting: "I see Robyn isn’t there."

Considering the recent reports of family tensions with Robyn at their center, of course they picked up on the conspicuous absence.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Pic
Photo via TLC

Aspyn herself took to the comments in the hope of quashing these rumors.

"She was really sad to miss it," Aspyn said of Robyn.

"But,’ she explained, Robyn "woke up feeling terrible."

"She celebrated with all of us later," Aspyn assured her concerned fans and followers.

On the one hand, illness can strike at any moment and deprive people of seeing joyful milestones.

On the other, it would also make an easy excuse for Robyn’s absence if there is a lot more going on.

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown
Photo via © TLC/ Supplied by

Recent reports have described tensions in the Brown family.

Yes, even more than usual.

One sister wife in particular, Robyn, is at the center of it all.


Because, according to reports, Kody has been spending extra time with her, singling her out as his favorite.

He even allegedly spent an entire week with her house as his "home base" ina  blatant display of favoritism.

Sister Wives Pic
Photo via TLC

The Browns set out to do Sister Wives with the intention of showing the world that plural marriage isn’t scary.

After all, most of the people arrested for "polygamy" have done actual bad things, like marrying children and not allowing anyone to leave.

But "polygamy" is a more sensational label, so people harp on the number of wives and not that they tend to be aged 12-14 or whatever.

So we understand where Kody and the sister wives were coming from, but that doesn’t make them the best family to reassure viewers.

Kody rubs people the wrong way, for a host of reasons.

And all of the family drama (like the appearance of playing "favorites") that makes them entertaining reality fodder makes them terrible representatives of plural marriage.

Or of any other polyamory, for that matter.