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On last week’s episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, we saw that June Shannon has been icing out Geno Doak in the bedroom.

That’s not unreasonable, especially given the scope of his sexting scandal and the revelation that he’s been siphoning up thousands of dollars.

But in the next episode, June is going to be rushed to the hospital — and fans are worried that it’s because she’s on drugs.

June Shannon Smiling

After last week’s new episode, it was strongly hinted that June Shannon is carted away to the hospital in the new episode.

Her hands turn beet red and her legs swell with fluid.

Her skin becomes so tender that it is physically painful for June when Geno tries to touch her.

June at one point seems to be losing consciousness.

The situation seems to be so dire that a producer steps in — a rare occurrence in reality television.

June Shannon Looks Odd
Photo via WETV

Now, June may only be 39 years old, but she has been afflicted for many years by a number of ailments.

It wasn’t that long ago that she began to lose all eyesight and had to temporarily relocate to North Carolina to receive expert treatment.

(Notably, she has been more or less half-blind for all of her life, but didn’t want to go to the rest of the distance)

Part of that treatment required that she cut back on exercise to spare her eyes.

As a result, she has regained some of the weight that she lost during her dramatic full-body makeover.

June Shannon Wants a Kiss
Photo via WeTV

But despite her medical history, a number of fans thought immediately of June’s more recent arrest for drugs.

"I don’t know how none of them see that they both obviously were on drugs," asserts one fan.

The comment continues: "I mean June’s eye is messed up normally but she and Geno both show classic signs of drug abuse."

It is admittedly easier to make that call when you know that somebody was arrested with crack cocaine recently, but okay.

June Shannon and Geno Doak
Photo via TLC

Another points out very specific symptoms.

"Her constant jaw grinding, slurred speech. And eyes rolling around are classic. …" says another commenter.

The fan continues: "It’s common for folks to develop new addictions after weight loss surgery."

That makes a lot of sense. Overeating is a chemical dependency, just like drugs, self-injury, or compulsive sex.

"June needs to focus on her health," writes another. "Not [Geno] he’s not a good guy for her obviously."

Geno Doak at Lunch
Photo via WETV

After seeing her with Sugar Bear and then with a convicted child molester who had preyed upon her own daughter, most were happy to see June move on.

But Geno has not endeared himself to fans recently, and his arrest for domestic violence is a huge part of that.

Sending dick pics to a woman and relentlessly messaging and harassing her while putting down June Shannon?


And the revelation that he was snatching up thousands of dollars from June’s account for himself makes things even worse.

There are good people on this planet. Maybe June should try to make things work with someone who isn’t terrible, just for a change of pace.