Larissa Lima SLAMS Deportation Rumor: I Can PROVE Debbie is Lying!!

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Over the weekend, vengeful former mother-in-law Debbie Johnson gleefully claimed that Larissa Lima will be deported in the near future.

But Larissa clapped back, insisting that this isn't true.

And then, on Tuesday, the 90 Day Fiance star shared a stunning piece of evidence that Debbie's prediction was nothing but hot air. Take a look:

Larissa Lima Feels Awkward

Over the weekend, a fan asked Colt Johnson on Instagram why Larissa had not been banished to Brazil yet.

Strangely, instead of responding himself, it was Debbie's mother who answered the comment.

"Everything takes time," Debbie wrote.

"There is still a domestic violence hearing next week," she noted.

"And, after that, she will be deported," Debbie predicted. "It just takes time."

Though the post was soon taken down, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates shared a screencap of Debbie's claim.

larissa love?

Larissa, too, saw Debbie's claim -- and a host of concerned messages.

"I woke up this morning to find messages sent to me and posted about my legal status in the U.S." Larissa wrote on Instagram.

"This isn’t true," she revealed.

Larissa affirmed that "Everything about my status in the U.S. is confidential."

"And," she added. "Will not be disclosed by third parties on social media that [are] not involved in any immigration process with me."

Larissa Lima says Debbie is lying about deportation

"Some of the most popular online press outlets are reporting these false statements," Larissa observed.

Notably, it was a newsworthy topic.

And it's appropriate to report one reality star's claims about another, so long as they're presented as claims, not facts.

But Larissa felt hurt, writing: "And it has worried my family and fans."

It sounds like she also received some nasty, hateful messages, gloating over her allegedly upcoming deportation.

"Everything I have received in these messages has been screenshotted and forwarded to be reviewed," Larissa warned.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima on the Gram

"I truly respect my agreement that was signed by a judge," Larissa expresses.

"And," she reminds her fans and followers. "I have been following it since day one."

She and Coltee are not allowed to disparage each other. For these two, that means that they're basically not allowed to mention each other.

"The lawful agreement also includes no third party defamation," Larissa notes.

"And that," she explains. "Is the reason I do not want to talk or answer questions about my past."

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima Face Each Other

"I have been trying to live my life and allow the courts to handle everything," Larissa shares. "As it is in their hands.” 

“As many of you know," she reminds her fans. "My court date is May 30th."

That is this Thursday.

"It is the last and saddest chapter of my life," Larissa notes.

"And," she emphasizes. "I want to finish it as soon as possible to finally have peace."

Larissa Lima Has a New Face

'I will not accept defamation of any kind," Larissa declares.

She then explains why she does not answer all questions or allow herself to get dragged into every single feud.

"My Instagram is how I connect with fans," she concludes.

But that's not all.

On Tuesday morning, she took to Instagram to ask fans to wish her luck, as she had a very important "appointment" that day.

Larissa Lima "feeling positive" about immigration status

On Tuesday afternoon, Larissa then updated her Instagram Story. 

Standing outside an office of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Larissa holds a conspicuous manila folder and smiles.

"Feeling positive," she wrote.

Obviously, we don't know exactly what she was doing, and it may be some time before she shares the details.

But if this means that she will get to remain in the US, that is fantastic news! Congratulations, Larissa!

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