Kylie Jenner Roasted Over New Product: Will It Really DESTROY Your Skin?

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Kylie Jenner is expanding the beauty business that led her to become a self-made billionaire.

This time, she is releasing a line of skin scrubs. But one of her products is getting a lot of hate before it's even released.

Is this just trolling, or will Kylie's walnut face scrub really lacerate your skin?

Kylie Jenner with the Stare

Kylie Jenner is launching new products, and many fans have noted that they are relatively affordable.

This week, Kylie announced "walnut face scrub. $22."

This walnut product has not yet been released -- but that will soon change.

Kylie's post continued: "#kylieskin may 22."

The product, scheduled for a rollout next week, is pictured in the promotional photo that she shared.

Kylie Jenner walnut skin product

Some found the image unappealing, but others expressed real concerns about the product itself.

"I was talking to a girl who is a licensed esthetician and she was SHOCKED," one commenter notes.

"She’s like ‘A manual exfoliant? In 2019??'" the comment continues.

That same fan adds: "'Sis. Everyone’s using chemical exfoliants! Like what is she thinking??'"

It was a sentiment expressed by many fans.

Kylie Jenner on the Insta

"You would think with her ability to partner with the very best estheticians and dermatologists," another critic begins.

The fan would have hoped that "she would know that scrubs are detrimental to the health of your skin."

"Fix it Jesus," the comment concludes.

Exfoliation is widely regarded as a key element of facial beauty.

Shortly, we will explain why Kylie's product in particular is being singled out for ridicule.

Kylie New Makeup

Kylie's ardent defenders rushed to the comments to combat the criticism.

A number of her hardcore fans poked fun at the critics, suggesting that they were suddenly acting as if they were experts in dermatology.

"Nobody is making yall spend money on these products so what’s the issue?" asks one defender.

"Walnuts are good for the skin," asserts another. "It delays skin aging, it’s packed with vitamin B."

Of course, no one is seriously disputing the nutritional benefits of walnuts. The issue is using them as a scrub.

Kylie Jenner Photoshop Debacle

So why don't fans want Kylie's nut scrub on their faces?

Abrasive scrubs were once incredibly popular. The idea is that the product will clean pores and remove dead skin cells.

But dermatologists have been warning against these products for years, and they have fallen out of fashion.

Why? Because physical scrubbing agents such as sugar (sugar scrubs used to be a huge thing!) leave tiny lacerations on your skin.

This can lead to swelling, discoloration, acne, or even infection.

You don't want to leave tiny cuts on your face, even if they're too small to see.

Kylie and Stormi

Real talk: this is a Kylie Jenner product.

She's not exactly known for taking fan feedback, even when she's getting roasted over her products.

And having lip kit brushes that allegedly break and fall apart didn't stop her from becoming a billionaire.

Kylie gets bombarded with hate and unwarranted criticism simply for being a public figure (and a woman, and a Kardashian, etc).

Unfortunately, she's in a position where all criticism looks the same.

We don't doubt that people will buy her product, no matter what its actual effect upon their skin.

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