Grey's Anatomy Recap: Meredith, Alex, and Richard Get FIRED

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Thursday's season finale of Grey's Anatomy was a wild episode that picked up in the immediate aftermath of DeLuca taking the fall for Meredith's insurance fraud. 

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you know that Meredith and Alex were inside a chamber with very little oxygen to save their patient. 

Grey's Anatomy's Fired Doctors

For that reason, Mer could not run after the cops to tell them it was her who made the dumb decision to doctor the insurance documents.

Meredith didn't get much time to speak about her issues because Alex wanted to know the truth about Jo. 

Surely Meredith would allow Jo to tell him in her own time, right?


Meredith filled in all the blanks, and Alex got progressively madder with every beat of the story. 

Jo Searches for Answers

But Meredith told Alex that neither of them could give Jo the support she needs, and that's why she agreed to get some help. 

Meredith rushed to the conference room with Bailey and Catherine, telling them that she was the one who should be arrested. 

Alex and Richard appeared to say that they were all part of the con and that's when things got gnarly. 

“What can I do? You’re fired,” Bailey said. “All three of you. You’re fired.”

Meredith rushed home and told her kids that she had to go do something, but she would be back soon. Was this her saying goodbye to them?

It certainly seemed that way. 

Meredith and DeLuca

Mer found herself visiting DeLuca in jail, telling him that she needed to clean up the stuff she caused. 

“As much as this terrifies me, I love you too,” Meredith said as she walked away, presumably to tell the cops the truth. 

Meanwhile, the fog was causing chaos for the staff and patients on their way to the hospital. 

Owen was stuck in a traffic jam with the blood donor, and only Levi could calm her down. 

An ambulance crew stepped in to save the day, and all of them made it to the hospital to save the patients' life. 

Then there was Jackson and Maggie. The pair were on their camping trip, but realized they needed to get to safety. 

Maggie Saves Bailey on Grey's Anatomy

Jackson ultimately told Maggie he would be back in ten minutes, but he never returned, prompting Maggie to go after him. 

What the heck happened?

Teddy started the hour off in labor, and ended it with a child and back in a relationship with Owen. Poor Tom was at home building all the baby furniture. 

Yeah, he's going to find himself without a girlfriend in the fall. 

Yikes, right?!

Love was also in the air. Amelia confirmed to Link that she was not getting straight into a relationship after ditching Owen. 

The reason?

Amelia is Mad on Grey's Anatomy

She wanted to find out who she was out of a relationship. 

It's a fair reason, and Link was happy because Amelia said she was not ruling anything out. 

The other relationship that flourished involved Levi and Nico. 

Nico realized he was acting like an ass, and set out to get his man back. It was easy, and Levi closed the hour coming out to his mom. 

What did YOU think of the season finale? Did it hit you right in the feels?

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