Derick Dillard Defends Himself AGAIN: I'm NOT a Negligent Husband!

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Sometimes, even terrible people make good points.

Take, for example, Derick Dillard's latest efforts to defend himself and his troubled marriage.

Jill Duggar Poses with Derick

Sure, Derick may have cheated on Jill.

And it's true that Jill quit Counting On as a gesture of solidarity after Derick got fired, thus leaving her family of four with no source of income.

And yes, she's generally subservient to him in every way, which is always an uncomfortable arrangement to behold.

But when Derick defended himself against accusations that he's a terrible husband this week, he actually made some decent arguments on his own behalf.

Israel Dillard Hangs With Dad

It all started when Derick posted the above photo on his Instagram page.

"Loved spending some quality time with my oldest son, who accompanied me as I wrapped up some stuff on campus today :) #futurelawho," he captioned the photo.

Derick is in law school, which is a wildly time-consuming endeavor, and it's nice that he's found a way to combine his studies with his duties as a father.

The only problem is that that post went up on Mother's Day, and nowhere else on his social media did Derick make any mention of Jill of the holiday.

Jill and Der: Date Night

Not surprisingly, fans were quick to call Derick out on this oversight.

"Why don't you post a Happy mothers day post for your wife? I mean she carried YOUR CHILDREN in her body for 9 months, and had to have a C-section(which is a major surgery) for the both of them," wrote one follower.

"Selfish and ungrateful of a husband much?" the Mother's Day enthusiast continued.

Like the rest of the Duggar clan, Derick usually ignores online trash talk.

Derick on the Job

But apparently, this time it was more than he was willing to put up with.

“When I post something, people say ‘why don’t you tell her yourself instead of posting about it’ and when you don’t post people say ‘you’re ungrateful’… can’t please everyone," Dillard responded.

Like we said, as much as we hate to admit it, the man has a point here.

Jill and Derick Posing

It's a conundrum that basically every social media user is confronted with from time to time, as though there's some specific set of laws about what should be shared and what shoud remain private.

Would it have been nice if Derick had given his devoted wife a Mother's Day shout-out?

Of course, but it's also perfectly okay if the Dillards decided to mark the occasion privately.

We don't relish having to defend Derick freakin' Dillard, so if you're gonna trash-talk the guy going forward, please focus on one of his many glaring character flaws so that we can join in, too. Thanks!

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